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FCKeditor:: (6 methods):

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Class: FCKeditor  - X-Ref

__construct( $instanceName )   X-Ref
Main Constructor.
Refer to the _samples/php directory for examples.

param: string $instanceName

Create()   X-Ref
Display FCKeditor.

CreateHtml()   X-Ref
Return the HTML code required to run FCKeditor.

return: string

IsCompatible()   X-Ref
Returns true if browser is compatible with FCKeditor.

return: boolean

GetConfigFieldString()   X-Ref
Get settings from Config array as a single string.

return: string

EncodeConfig( $valueToEncode )   X-Ref
Encode characters that may break the configuration string
generated by GetConfigFieldString().

param: string $valueToEncode
return: string

Functions that are not part of a class:

FCKeditor_IsCompatibleBrowser()   X-Ref
Check if browser is compatible with FCKeditor.
Return true if is compatible.

return: boolean

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