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   1  <?php
   2  /*

   3  $Id: coupon_admin.php 3 2006-05-27 04:59:07Z user $


   5    osCMax Power E-Commerce

   6    http://oscdox.com

   7    Copyright 2009 osCMax


   9    Released under the GNU General Public License

  10  */
  11  define('TEXT_COUPON_REDEEMED', 'Redeemed Coupons');
  12  define('REDEEM_DATE_LAST', 'Date Last Redeemed');
  13  define('TOP_BAR_TITLE', 'Statistics');
  14  define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Discount Coupons');
  15  define('HEADING_TITLE_STATUS', 'Status : ');
  16  define('TEXT_CUSTOMER', 'Customer:');
  17  define('TEXT_COUPON', 'Coupon Name');
  18  define('TEXT_COUPON_ALL', 'All Coupons');
  19  define('TEXT_COUPON_ACTIVE', 'Active Coupons');
  20  define('TEXT_COUPON_INACTIVE', 'Inactive Coupons');
  21  define('TEXT_SUBJECT', 'Subject:');
  22  define('TEXT_FROM', 'From:');
  23  define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING', 'Free Shipping');
  24  define('TEXT_MESSAGE', 'Message:');
  25  define('TEXT_SELECT_CUSTOMER', 'Select Customer');
  26  define('TEXT_ALL_CUSTOMERS', 'All Customers');
  27  define('TEXT_NEWSLETTER_CUSTOMERS', 'To All Newsletter Subscribers');
  28  define('TEXT_CONFIRM_DELETE', 'Are you sure you want to delete this Coupon?');
  30  define('TEXT_TO_REDEEM', 'You can redeem this coupon during checkout. Just enter the code in the box provided, and click on the redeem button.');
  31  define('TEXT_IN_CASE', ' in case you have any problems. ');
  32  define('TEXT_VOUCHER_IS', 'The coupon code is ');
  33  define('TEXT_REMEMBER', 'Don\'t lose the coupon code, make sure to keep the code safe so you can benefit from this special offer.');
  34  define('TEXT_VISIT', 'when you visit ' . HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG);
  35  define('TEXT_ENTER_CODE', ' and enter the code ');
  37  define('TABLE_HEADING_ACTION', 'Action');
  39  define('CUSTOMER_ID', 'Customer id');
  40  define('CUSTOMER_NAME', 'Customer Name');
  41  define('REDEEM_DATE', 'Date Redeemed');
  42  define('IP_ADDRESS', 'IP Address');
  44  define('TEXT_REDEMPTIONS', 'Redemptions');
  45  define('TEXT_REDEMPTIONS_TOTAL', 'In Total');
  46  define('TEXT_REDEMPTIONS_CUSTOMER', 'For this Customer');
  47  define('TEXT_NO_FREE_SHIPPING', 'No Free Shipping');
  49  define('NOTICE_EMAIL_SENT_TO', 'Notice: Email sent to: %s');
  50  define('ERROR_NO_CUSTOMER_SELECTED', 'Error: No customer has been selected.');
  51  define('COUPON_NAME', 'Coupon Name');
  52  //define('COUPON_VALUE', 'Coupon Value');

  53  define('COUPON_AMOUNT', 'Coupon Amount');
  54  define('COUPON_CODE', 'Coupon Code');
  55  define('COUPON_STARTDATE', 'Start Date');
  56  define('COUPON_FINISHDATE', 'End Date');
  57  define('COUPON_FREE_SHIP', 'Free Shipping');
  58  define('COUPON_DESC', 'Coupon Description');
  59  define('COUPON_MIN_ORDER', 'Coupon Minimum Order');
  60  define('COUPON_USES_COUPON', 'Uses per Coupon');
  61  define('COUPON_USES_USER', 'Uses per Customer');
  62  define('COUPON_PRODUCTS', 'Valid Product List');
  63  define('COUPON_CATEGORIES', 'Valid Categories List');
  64  define('VOUCHER_NUMBER_USED', 'Number Used');
  65  define('DATE_CREATED', 'Date Created');
  66  define('DATE_MODIFIED', 'Date Modified');
  67  define('TEXT_HEADING_NEW_COUPON', 'Create New Coupon');
  68  define('TEXT_NEW_INTRO', 'Please fill out the following information for the new coupon.<br>');
  71  define('COUPON_NAME_HELP', 'A short name for the coupon');
  72  define('COUPON_AMOUNT_HELP', 'The value of the discount for the coupon, either fixed or add a % on the end for a percentage discount.');
  73  define('COUPON_CODE_HELP', 'You can enter your own code here, or leave blank for an auto generated one.');
  74  define('COUPON_STARTDATE_HELP', 'The date the coupon will be valid from');
  75  define('COUPON_FINISHDATE_HELP', 'The date the coupon expires');
  76  define('COUPON_FREE_SHIP_HELP', 'The coupon gives free shipping on an order. Note. This overrides the coupon_amount figure but respects the minimum order value');
  77  define('COUPON_DESC_HELP', 'A description of the coupon for the customer');
  78  define('COUPON_MIN_ORDER_HELP', 'The minimum order value before the coupon is valid');
  79  define('COUPON_USES_COUPON_HELP', 'The maximum number of times the coupon can be used, leave blank if you want no limit.');
  80  define('COUPON_USES_USER_HELP', 'Number of times a user can use the coupon, leave blank for no limit.');
  81  define('COUPON_PRODUCTS_HELP', 'A comma separated list of product_ids that this coupon can be used with. Leave blank for no restrictions.');
  82  define('COUPON_CATEGORIES_HELP', 'A comma separated list of cpaths that this coupon can be used with, leave blank for no restrictions.');
  83  define('ERROR_NO_COUPON_AMOUNT', 'Error: No coupon amount has been entered. Either enter an amount or select free shipping.');
  84  define('ERROR_COUPON_EXISTS', 'Error: A coupon with the same coupon code already exists.');
  85  define('COUPON_BUTTON_EMAIL_VOUCHER', 'Email Voucher');
  86  define('COUPON_BUTTON_EDIT_VOUCHER', 'Edit Voucher');
  87  define('COUPON_BUTTON_DELETE_VOUCHER', 'Delete Voucher');
  88  define('COUPON_BUTTON_VOUCHER_REPORT', 'Voucher Report');
  89  define('COUPON_STATUS', 'Status');
  90  define('COUPON_STATUS_HELP', 'Set to ' . IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_RED . ' to disable customers\' ability to use the coupon.');
  91  ?>

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