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   1  <?php
   2  /*
   3  $Id: edit_orders.php 14 2006-07-28 17:42:07Z user $
   5    osCMax Power E-Commerce
   6    http://oscdox.com
   8    Copyright 2006 osCMax2005 osCMax, 2002 osCommerce
  10    Released under the GNU General Public License
  11  */
  13  define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Editar Pedido  #%s of %s');
  14  define('ADDING_TITLE', 'Añadir un producto al pedido  #%s');
  16  define('ENTRY_UPDATE_TO_CC', '(Update to ' . ORDER_EDITOR_CREDIT_CARD . ' to view CC fields.)');
  17  define('TABLE_HEADING_COMMENTS', 'Comentarios');
  18  define('TABLE_HEADING_STATUS', 'Nuevo estado');
  19  define('TABLE_HEADING_NEW_STATUS', 'New status');
  20  define('TABLE_HEADING_ACTION', 'Action');
  21  define('TABLE_HEADING_DELETE', 'Delete?');
  22  define('TABLE_HEADING_QUANTITY', 'Cant.');
  23  define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_MODEL', 'Modelo');
  24  define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Producto');
  25  define('TABLE_HEADING_TAX', '% IVA');
  26  define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL', 'Total');
  27  define('TABLE_HEADING_BASE_PRICE', 'Price (base)');
  28  define('TABLE_HEADING_UNIT_PRICE', 'Precio (excl.)');
  29  define('TABLE_HEADING_UNIT_PRICE_TAXED', 'Precio (incl.)');
  30  define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_PRICE', 'Total (excl.)');
  31  define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_PRICE_TAXED', 'Total (incl.)');
  32  define('TABLE_HEADING_OT_TOTALS', 'Order Totals:');
  33  define('TABLE_HEADING_OT_VALUES', 'Value:');
  34  define('TABLE_HEADING_SHIPPING_QUOTES', 'Shipping Quotes:');
  35  define('TABLE_HEADING_NO_SHIPPING_QUOTES', 'There are no shipping quotes to display!');
  37  define('TABLE_HEADING_CUSTOMER_NOTIFIED', 'Notificación al cliente');
  38  define('TABLE_HEADING_DATE_ADDED', 'Fecha de pedido');
  40  define('ENTRY_CUSTOMER', 'Nombre');
  41  define('ENTRY_NAME', 'Nombre:');
  42  define('ENTRY_CITY_STATE', 'Población, Estado:');
  43  define('ENTRY_SHIPPING_ADDRESS', 'Dirección de envío');
  44  define('ENTRY_BILLING_ADDRESS', 'Dirección de facturación');
  45  define('ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Forma de pago:');
  46  define('ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_TYPE', 'Tipo de tarjeta:');
  47  define('ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_OWNER', 'Titular de la tarjeta:');
  48  define('ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER', 'Número de tarjeta:');
  49  define('ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRES', 'Caducidad tarjeta:');
  50  define('ENTRY_SUB_TOTAL', 'Sub Total:');
  51  define('ENTRY_TYPE_BELOW', 'Type below');
  53  //the definition of ENTRY_TAX is important when dealing with certain tax components and scenarios
  54  define('ENTRY_TAX', 'IVA:');
  55  //do not use a colon (:) in the defintion, ie 'VAT' is ok, but 'VAT:' is not
  57  define('ENTRY_SHIPPING', 'Shipping:');
  58  define('ENTRY_TOTAL', 'Total:');
  59  define('ENTRY_STATUS', 'Estado del pedido:');
  60  define('ENTRY_NOTIFY_CUSTOMER', 'Notificar al cliente:');
  61  define('ENTRY_NOTIFY_COMMENTS', 'Enviar comentarios:');
  62  define('ENTRY_CURRENCY_TYPE', 'Currency');
  63  define('ENTRY_CURRENCY_VALUE', 'Currency Value');
  65  define('TEXT_INFO_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment Method:');
  66  define('TEXT_NO_ORDER_PRODUCTS', 'This order contains no products');
  67  define('TEXT_ADD_NEW_PRODUCT', 'Add products');
  68  define('TEXT_PACKAGE_WEIGHT_COUNT', 'Package Weight: %s  |  Product Qty: %s');
  70  define('TEXT_STEP_1', '<b>Step 1:</b>');
  71  define('TEXT_STEP_2', '<b>Step 2:</b>');
  72  define('TEXT_STEP_3', '<b>Step 3:</b>');
  73  define('TEXT_STEP_4', '<b>Step 4:</b>');
  74  define('TEXT_SELECT_CATEGORY', '- Choose a Category from the list -');
  75  define('TEXT_PRODUCT_SEARCH', '<b>- OR enter a search term in the box below to see potential matches -</b>');
  76  define('TEXT_ALL_CATEGORIES', 'All Categories/All Products');
  77  define('TEXT_SELECT_PRODUCT', '- Choose a Product -');
  78  define('TEXT_BUTTON_SELECT_OPTIONS', 'Select These Options');
  79  define('TEXT_BUTTON_SELECT_CATEGORY', 'Select This Category');
  80  define('TEXT_BUTTON_SELECT_PRODUCT', 'Select This Product');
  81  define('TEXT_SKIP_NO_OPTIONS', '<em>No Options - Skipped...</em>');
  82  define('TEXT_QUANTITY', 'Quantity:');
  83  define('TEXT_BUTTON_ADD_PRODUCT', 'Add to Order');
  84  define('TEXT_CLOSE_POPUP', '<u>Close</u> [x]');
  85  define('TEXT_ADD_PRODUCT_INSTRUCTIONS', 'Keep adding products until you are done.<br>Then close this tab/window, return to the main tab/window, and press the "update" button.');
  86  define('TEXT_PRODUCT_NOT_FOUND', '<b>Product not found<b>');
  87  define('TEXT_SHIPPING_SAME_AS_BILLING', 'Shipping same as billing address');
  88  define('TEXT_BILLING_SAME_AS_CUSTOMER', 'Billing same as customer address');
  90  define('IMAGE_ADD_NEW_OT', 'Insert new custom order total after this one');
  91  define('IMAGE_REMOVE_NEW_OT', 'Remove this order total component');
  92  define('IMAGE_NEW_ORDER_EMAIL', 'Send new order confirmation email');
  94  define('TEXT_NO_ORDER_HISTORY', 'Pedido no existe');
  96  define('PLEASE_SELECT', 'Please Select');
  98  define('EMAIL_SEPARATOR', '------------------------------------------------------');
  99  define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT', 'Su pedido ha sido actualizado');
 100  define('EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER', 'Número de pedido:');
 101  define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice URL:');
 102  define('EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED', 'Fecha de pedido:');
 103  define('EMAIL_TEXT_STATUS_UPDATE', 'Muchas gracias por su pedido!' . "\n\n" . 'El estado de su pedido ha sido actualizado.' . "\n\n" . 'Nuevo estado: %s' . "\n\n");
 104  define('EMAIL_TEXT_STATUS_UPDATE2', 'Si tiene cualquier pregunta, por favor, esponda a este correo.' . "\n\n" . 'Reciba un saludo de sus amigos de ' . STORE_NAME . "\n");
 105  define('EMAIL_TEXT_COMMENTS_UPDATE', 'Estos son los comentarios sobre su pedido:' . "\n\n%s\n\n");
 107  define('ERROR_ORDER_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'Error: No existe el pedido.');
 108  define('ERROR_NO_ORDER_SELECTED', 'You have not selected an order to edit, or the order ID variable has not been set.');
 109  define('SUCCESS_ORDER_UPDATED', 'Completado: El pedido ha sido actualizado correctamente.');
 110  define('SUCCESS_EMAIL_SENT', 'Completed: The order was updated and an email with the new information was sent.');
 112  //the hints
 113  define('HINT_UPDATE_TO_CC', 'Set payment method to ' . ORDER_EDITOR_CREDIT_CARD . ' and the other fields will be displayed automatically.  CC fields are hidden if any other payment method is selected.  The name of the payment method that, when selected, will display the CC fields is configurable in the Order Editor area of the Configuration section of the Administration panel.');
 114  define('HINT_UPDATE_CURRENCY', 'Changing the currency will cause the shipping quotes and order totals to recalculate and reload.');
 115  define('HINT_SHIPPING_ADDRESS', 'If you change the shipping state, postcode, or country you will be given the option of whether or not to recalculate the totals and reload the shipping quotes.');
 116  define('HINT_TOTALS', 'Feel free to give discounts by adding negative values. Subtotal, tax total, and grand total fields are not editable. When adding in custom order total components via AJAX make sure you enter the title first or the code will not recognize the entry (ie, a component with a blank title is deleted from the order).');
 117  define('HINT_PRESS_UPDATE', 'Please click on "Update" to save all changes.');
 118  define('HINT_BASE_PRICE', 'Price (base) is the products price before products attributes (ie, the catalog price of the item)');
 119  define('HINT_PRICE_EXCL', 'Price (excl) is the base price plus any product attributes prices that may exist');
 120  define('HINT_PRICE_INCL', 'Price (incl) is Price (excl) times tax');
 121  define('HINT_TOTAL_EXCL', 'Total (excl) is Price (excl) times qty');
 122  define('HINT_TOTAL_INCL', 'Total (incl) is Price (excl) times tax and qty');
 123  //end hints
 125  //new order confirmation email- this is a separate email from order status update
 126  define('ENTRY_SEND_NEW_ORDER_CONFIRMATION', 'New order confirmation:');
 127  define('EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_MODIFIED', 'Date Modified:');
 128  define('EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS', 'Products');
 129  define('EMAIL_TEXT_DELIVERY_ADDRESS', 'Delivery Address');
 130  define('EMAIL_TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS', 'Billing Address');
 131  define('EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment Method');
 132  // If you want to include extra payment information, enter text below (use <br> for line breaks):
 133  //define('EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_INFO', ''); //why would this be useful???
 134  // If you want to include footer text, enter text below (use <br> for line breaks):
 135  define('EMAIL_TEXT_FOOTER', '');
 136  //end email
 138  //add-on for downloads
 139  define('ENTRY_DOWNLOAD_COUNT', 'Download #');
 140  define('ENTRY_DOWNLOAD_FILENAME', 'Filename');
 141  define('ENTRY_DOWNLOAD_MAXDAYS', 'Expiry days');
 142  define('ENTRY_DOWNLOAD_MAXCOUNT', 'Downloads remaining');
 144  //add-on for Ajax
 145  define('AJAX_CONFIRM_PRODUCT_DELETE', 'Are you sure you want to delete this product from the order?');
 146  define('AJAX_CONFIRM_COMMENT_DELETE', 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment from the orders status history?');
 147  define('AJAX_MESSAGE_STACK_SUCCESS', 'Success! \' + %s + \' has been updated');
 148  define('AJAX_CONFIRM_RELOAD_TOTALS', 'You have changed some shipping information. Would you like to recalculate the order totals and shipping quotes?');
 149  define('AJAX_CANNOT_CREATE_XMLHTTP', 'Cannot create XMLHTTP instance');
 150  define('AJAX_SUBMIT_COMMENT', 'Submit new comments and/or status');
 151  define('AJAX_NO_QUOTES', 'There are no shipping quotes to display.');
 152  define('AJAX_SELECTED_NO_SHIPPING', 'You have selected a shipping method for this order but it appears there is not one already stored in the database.  Would you like to add this shipping charge to the order?');
 153  define('AJAX_RELOAD_TOTALS', 'The new shipping component has been written to the database but the totals have not yet been re-calculated.  Click ok now to re-calculate the order totals.  If your connection is slow wait for all components to load before clicking ok.');
 154  define('AJAX_NEW_ORDER_EMAIL', 'Are you sure you want to send a new order confirmation email for this order?');
 155  define('AJAX_INPUT_NEW_EMAIL_COMMENTS', 'Please input any comments you may have here.  It is ok to leave this blank if you do not wish to include comments.  Please remember as you type that hitting the "enter" key will result in submitting the comments as they appear.  It is not yet possible to include line breaks.');
 156  define('AJAX_SUCCESS_EMAIL_SENT', 'Success!  A new order confirmation email was sent to %s');
 157  define('AJAX_WORKING', 'Working, please wait....');
 158  ?>

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