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mime:: (5 methods):

Class: mime  - X-Ref

mime($body, $params = '')   X-Ref

Sets up the object.

param: $body   - The body of the mime part if any.
param: $params - An associative array of parameters:

encode()   X-Ref

Encodes and returns the email. Also stores
it in the encoded member variable

return: An associative array containing two elements,

addSubPart($body, $params)   X-Ref
No description

_getEncodedData($data, $encoding)   X-Ref

Returns encoded data based upon encoding passed to it

param: $data     The data to encode.
param: $encoding The encoding type to use, 7bit, base64,

_quotedPrintableEncode($input , $line_max = 76)   X-Ref

Encodes data to quoted-printable standard.

param: $input    The data to encode
param: $line_max Optional max line length. Should

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