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   1  <?php
   2  /*

   3  $Id: gv_faq.php 3 2006-05-27 04:59:07Z user $


   5    osCMax Power E-Commerce

   6    http://oscdox.com


   8    Copyright 2006 osCMax


  10    Released under the GNU General Public License

  11  */
  13  define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Gift Voucher FAQ');
  14  define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Gift Voucher FAQ');
  16  define('TEXT_INFORMATION', '<a name="Top"></a>
  17    <a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ,'faq_item=1','NONSSL').'">Purchasing Gift Vouchers</a><br>
  18    <a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ,'faq_item=2','NONSSL').'">How to send Gift vouchers</a><br>
  19    <a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ,'faq_item=3','NONSSL').'">Buying with Gift Vouchers</a><br>
  20    <a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ,'faq_item=4','NONSSL').'">Redeeming Gift Vouchers</a><br>
  21    <a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ,'faq_item=5','NONSSL').'">When problems occur</a><br>
  22  ');
  23  switch ($HTTP_GET_VARS['faq_item']) {
  24    case '1':
  25  define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','Purchasing Gift Vouchers.');
  26  define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','Gift Vouchers are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can 
  27    pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s).
  28    Once purchased the value of the Gift Voucher will be added to your own personal 
  29    Gift Voucher Account. If you have funds in your Gift Voucher Account, you will 
  30    notice that the amount now shows in he Shopping Cart box, and also provides a 
  31    link to a page where you can send the Gift Voucher to some one via email.');
  32    break;
  33    case '2':
  34  define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','How to Send Gift Vouchers.');
  35  define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','To send a Gift Voucher that you have purchased, you need to go to our Send Gift Voucher Page. You can
  36    find the link to this page in the Shopping Cart Box in the right hand column of 
  37    each page.
  38    When you send a Gift Voucher, you need to specify the following:<br> <br>
  39    The name of the person you are sending the Gift Voucher to.<br>
  40    The email address of the person you are sending the Gift Voucher to.<br>
  41    The amount you want to send. (Note you don\'t have to send the full amount that 
  42    is in your Gift Voucher Account.) <br>
  43    A short message which will apear in the email.<br><br>
  44    Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, although 
  45    you will be given the opportunity to change this as much as you want before 
  46    the email is actually sent.');  
  47    break;
  48    case '3':
  49    define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','Buying with Gift Vouchers.');
  50    define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','If you have funds in your Gift Voucher Account, you can use those funds to 
  51    purchase other items in our store. At the checkout stage, an extra box will
  52    appear. Clicking this box will apply those funds in your Gift Voucher Account.
  53    Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there 
  54    is not enough in your Gift Voucher Account to cover the cost of your purchase. 
  55    If you have more funds in your Gift Voucher Account than the total cost of 
  56    your purchase the balance will be left in you Gift Voucher Account for the
  57    future.');
  58    break;
  59    case '4':
  60    define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','Redeeming Gift Vouchers.');
  61    define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','If you receive a Gift Voucher by email it will contain details of who sent 
  62    you the Gift Voucher, along with possibly a short message from them. The Email 
  63    will also contain the Gift Voucher Number. It is probably a good idea to print 
  64    out this email for future reference. You can now redeem the Gift Voucher in 
  65    two ways.<br>
  66    1. By clicking on the link contained within the email for this express purpose.
  67    This will take you to the store\'s Redeem Voucher page. you will the be requested 
  68    to create an account, before the Gift Voucher is validated and placed in your 
  69    Gift Voucher Account ready for you to spend it on whatever you want.<br>
  70    2. During the checkout procces, on the same page that you select a payment method 
  71  there will be a box to enter a Redeem Code. Enter the code here, and click the redeem button. The code will be
  72  validated and added to your Gift Voucher account. You Can then use the amount to purchase any item from our store');
  73    break;
  74    case '5':
  75    define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','When problems occur.');
  76    define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','For any queries regarding the Gift Voucher System, please contact the store 
  77    by email at '. STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '. Please make sure you give 
  78    as much information as possible in the email. ');
  79    break;
  80    default:
  81    define('SUB_HEADING_TITLE','');
  82    define('SUB_HEADING_TEXT','Please choose from one of the questions above.');
  84    }
  85  ?>

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