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/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/ -> paypal_uk_express.php (source)

   1  <?php
   2  /*
   3    $Id: paypal_uk_express.php 1800 2008-01-11 16:33:02Z user $
   5    osCMax Power E-Commerce
   6    http://oscdox.com
   8    Copyright 2008 osCMax
  10    Released under the GNU General Public License
  11  */
  13    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_TEXT_TITLE', 'PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) Express Checkout');
  14    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_TEXT_PUBLIC_TITLE', 'PayPal Express (including Credit Cards and Debit Cards)');
  15    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', '<b>Note: PayPal requires the PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) Direct Payments payment module to be enabled if this module is activated.</b><br /><br /><img src="images/icon_popup.gif" border="0">&nbsp;<a href="https://www.paypal.com/us/mrb/pal=QFHLNU89TLJYA" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold;">Visit PayPal Website</a>&nbsp;<a href="javascript:toggleDivBlock(\'paypalExpressUKInfo\');">(info)</a><span id="paypalExpressUKInfo" style="display: none;"><br><i>Using the above link to signup at PayPal grants osCMax a small financial bonus for referring a customer.</i></span>');
  16    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_TEXT_BUTTON', 'Checkout with PayPal');
  18    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_ERROR_GENERAL', 'Error: A general problem has occurred with the transaction. Please try again.');
  19    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_ERROR_CFG_ERROR', 'Error: Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login credentials.');
  20    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_ERROR_ADDRESS', 'Error: A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. Please try again.');
  21    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_ERROR_DECLINED', 'Error: This transaction has been declined. Please try again.');
  22    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_UK_EXPRESS_ERROR_EXPRESS_DISABLED', 'Error: PayPal Express Checkout has been disabled for this merchant. Please contact PayPal Customer Service.');
  23  ?>

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