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PHP Cross Reference of osCMax 2.0.4




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   1  # osCMax Power E-Commerce
   2  # http://oscdox.com
   3  #
   4  # Default Database For osCMax v2.0 RC4
   5  # Copyright (c) 2009 osCMax
   6  #
   7  # Released under the GNU General Public License
   8  #
   9  # NOTE: * Please make any modifications to this file by hand!
  10  #       * DO NOT use a mysqldump created file for new changes!
  11  #       * Please take note of the table structure, and use this
  12  #         structure as a standard for future modifications!
  13  #       * Any tables you add here should be added in admin/backup.php
  14  #         and in catalog/install/includes/functions/database.php
  15  #       * To see the 'diff'erence between MySQL databases, use
  16  #         the mysqldiff perl script located in the extras
  17  #         directory of the 'catalog' module.
  18  #       * Comments should be like these, full line comments.
  19  #         (don't use inline comments)
  21  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS address_book;
  22  CREATE TABLE address_book (
  23    address_book_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  24    customers_id int NOT NULL,
  25    entry_gender char(1) NOT NULL,
  26    entry_company varchar(32),
  27    entry_company_tax_id varchar(32),
  28    entry_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  29    entry_lastname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  30    entry_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  31    entry_suburb varchar(32),
  32    entry_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
  33    entry_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  34    entry_state varchar(32),
  35    entry_country_id int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  36    entry_zone_id int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
  37    PRIMARY KEY (address_book_id),
  38    KEY idx_address_book_customers_id (customers_id)
  39  );
  41  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS address_format;
  42  CREATE TABLE address_format (
  43    address_format_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  44    address_format varchar(128) NOT NULL,
  45    address_summary varchar(48) NOT NULL,
  46    PRIMARY KEY (address_format_id)
  47  );
  50  CREATE TABLE admin (
  51    admin_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  52    admin_groups_id int,
  53    admin_username varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  54    admin_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  55    admin_lastname varchar(32),
  56    admin_email_address varchar(96) NOT NULL,
  57    admin_password varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  58    admin_created datetime,
  59    admin_modified datetime NOT NULL,
  60    admin_logdate datetime,
  61    admin_lognum int NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  62    PRIMARY KEY (admin_id),
  63    UNIQUE KEY admin_username (admin_username),
  64    UNIQUE KEY admin_email_address (admin_email_address) 
  65  );
  67  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS admin_files;
  68  CREATE TABLE admin_files (
  69    admin_files_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  70    admin_files_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  71    admin_files_is_boxes tinyint(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  72    admin_files_to_boxes int NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  73    admin_groups_id set('1','2') DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
  74    PRIMARY KEY (admin_files_id)
  75  );
  77  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS admin_groups;
  78  CREATE TABLE admin_groups (
  79    admin_groups_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  80    admin_groups_name varchar(64) default NULL,
  81    PRIMARY KEY (admin_groups_id),
  82    UNIQUE KEY admin_groups_name (admin_groups_name)
  83  );
  85  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_affiliate;
  86  CREATE TABLE affiliate_affiliate (
  87    affiliate_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  88    affiliate_gender char(1) NOT NULL,
  89    affiliate_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  90    affiliate_lastname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  91    affiliate_dob datetime NOT NULL,
  92    affiliate_email_address varchar(96) NOT NULL,
  93    affiliate_telephone varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  94    affiliate_fax varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  95    affiliate_password varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  96    affiliate_homepage varchar(96) NOT NULL,
  97    affiliate_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  98    affiliate_suburb varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  99    affiliate_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 100    affiliate_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 101    affiliate_state varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 102    affiliate_country_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 103    affiliate_zone_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 104    affiliate_agb tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '0',
 105    affiliate_company varchar(60) NOT NULL,
 106    affiliate_company_taxid varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 107    affiliate_commission_percent decimal(4,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 108    affiliate_payment_check varchar(100) NOT NULL,
 109    affiliate_payment_paypal varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 110    affiliate_payment_bank_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 111    affiliate_payment_bank_branch_number varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 112    affiliate_payment_bank_swift_code varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 113    affiliate_payment_bank_account_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 114    affiliate_payment_bank_account_number varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 115    affiliate_date_of_last_logon datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 116    affiliate_number_of_logons int NOT NULL default '0',
 117    affiliate_date_account_created datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 118    affiliate_date_account_last_modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 119    affiliate_lft int NOT NULL,
 120    affiliate_rgt int NOT NULL,
 121    affiliate_root int NOT NULL,
 122    affiliate_newsletter char(1) NOT NULL default '1',
 123    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_id)
 124  );
 126  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_banners;
 127  CREATE TABLE affiliate_banners (
 128    affiliate_banners_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 129    affiliate_banners_title varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 130    affiliate_products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 131    affiliate_category_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 132    affiliate_banners_image varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 133    affiliate_banners_group varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 134    affiliate_banners_html_text text,
 135    affiliate_expires_impressions int(7) default '0',
 136    affiliate_expires_date datetime default NULL,
 137    affiliate_date_scheduled datetime default NULL,
 138    affiliate_date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 139    affiliate_date_status_change datetime default NULL,
 140    affiliate_status int(1) NOT NULL default '1',
 141    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_banners_id)
 142  );
 144  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_banners_history;
 145  CREATE TABLE affiliate_banners_history (
 146    affiliate_banners_history_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 147    affiliate_banners_products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 148    affiliate_banners_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 149    affiliate_banners_affiliate_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 150    affiliate_banners_shown int NOT NULL default '0',
 151    affiliate_banners_clicks tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '0',
 152    affiliate_banners_history_date date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',
 153    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_banners_history_id, affiliate_banners_products_id)
 154  );
 156  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_clickthroughs;
 157  CREATE TABLE affiliate_clickthroughs (
 158    affiliate_clickthrough_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 159    affiliate_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 160    affiliate_clientdate datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 161    affiliate_clientbrowser varchar(200) default 'Could Not Find This Data',
 162    affiliate_clientip varchar(50) default 'Could Not Find This Data',
 163    affiliate_clientreferer varchar(200) default 'none detected (maybe a direct link)',
 164    affiliate_products_id int default '0',
 165    affiliate_banner_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 166    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_clickthrough_id),
 167    KEY refid (affiliate_id)
 168  );
 170  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_news;
 171  CREATE TABLE affiliate_news (
 172    news_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 173    date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 174    news_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0',
 175    PRIMARY KEY  (news_id)
 176  );
 178  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_newsletters;
 179  CREATE TABLE affiliate_newsletters (
 180    affiliate_newsletters_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 181    title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 182    content text NOT NULL,
 183    module varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 184    date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 185    date_sent datetime default NULL,
 186    `status` int(1) default NULL,
 187    locked int(1) default '0',
 188    PRIMARY KEY  (affiliate_newsletters_id)
 189  );
 191  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_news_contents;
 192  CREATE TABLE affiliate_news_contents (
 193    affiliate_news_contents_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 194    affiliate_news_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 195    affiliate_news_languages_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 196    affiliate_news_headlines varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 197    affiliate_news_contents text NOT NULL,
 198    PRIMARY KEY  (affiliate_news_contents_id),
 199    KEY affiliate_news_id (affiliate_news_id),
 200    KEY affiliate_news_languages_id (affiliate_news_languages_id)
 201  );
 203  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_payment;
 204  CREATE TABLE affiliate_payment (
 205    affiliate_payment_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 206    affiliate_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 207    affiliate_payment decimal(15,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 208    affiliate_payment_tax decimal(15,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 209    affiliate_payment_total decimal(15,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 210    affiliate_payment_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 211    affiliate_payment_last_modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 212    affiliate_payment_status int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 213    affiliate_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 214    affiliate_lastname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 215    affiliate_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 216    affiliate_suburb varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 217    affiliate_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 218    affiliate_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 219    affiliate_country varchar(32) NOT NULL default '0',
 220    affiliate_company varchar(60) NOT NULL,
 221    affiliate_state varchar(32) NOT NULL default '0',
 222    affiliate_address_format_id int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 223    affiliate_last_modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 224    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_payment_id)
 225  );
 228  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_payment_status;
 229  CREATE TABLE affiliate_payment_status (
 230    affiliate_payment_status_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 231    affiliate_language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
 232    affiliate_payment_status_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 233    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_payment_status_id,affiliate_language_id),
 234    KEY idx_affiliate_payment_status_name (affiliate_payment_status_name)
 235  );
 238  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_payment_status_history;
 239  CREATE TABLE affiliate_payment_status_history (
 240    affiliate_status_history_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 241    affiliate_payment_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 242    affiliate_new_value int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 243    affiliate_old_value int(5) default NULL,
 244    affiliate_date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 245    affiliate_notified int(1) default '0',
 246    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_status_history_id)
 247  );
 249  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS affiliate_sales;
 250  CREATE TABLE affiliate_sales (
 251    affiliate_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 252    affiliate_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 253    affiliate_browser varchar(100) NOT NULL,
 254    affiliate_ipaddress varchar(20) NOT NULL,
 255    affiliate_orders_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 256    affiliate_value decimal(15,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 257    affiliate_payment decimal(15,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 258    affiliate_clickthroughs_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 259    affiliate_billing_status int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 260    affiliate_payment_date datetime NOT NULL,
 261    affiliate_payment_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 262    affiliate_percent decimal(4,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 263    affiliate_salesman int NOT NULL default '0',
 264    PRIMARY KEY (affiliate_orders_id,affiliate_id)
 265  );
 267  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS articles;
 268  CREATE TABLE articles (
 269    articles_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 270    articles_date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 271    articles_last_modified datetime,
 272    articles_date_available datetime,
 273    articles_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0',
 274    authors_id int,
 275    PRIMARY KEY (articles_id),
 276    KEY idx_articles_date_added (articles_date_added)
 277  );
 279  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS articles_description;
 280  CREATE TABLE articles_description (
 281    articles_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 282    language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
 283    articles_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 284    articles_description text,
 285    articles_url varchar(255) default NULL,
 286    articles_viewed int(5) default '0',
 287    articles_head_title_tag varchar(80) default NULL,
 288    articles_head_desc_tag text,
 289    articles_head_keywords_tag text,
 290    PRIMARY KEY (articles_id, language_id),
 291    KEY articles_name (articles_name)
 292  );
 294  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS articles_to_topics;
 295  CREATE TABLE articles_to_topics (
 296    articles_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 297    topics_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 298    PRIMARY KEY (articles_id,topics_id)
 299  );
 301  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS articles_xsell;
 302  CREATE TABLE articles_xsell (
 303    ID int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 304    articles_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
 305    xsell_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
 306    sort_order int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
 307    PRIMARY KEY (ID)
 308  );
 310  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS article_reviews;
 311  CREATE TABLE article_reviews (
 312    reviews_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 313    articles_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 314    customers_id int,
 315    customers_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 316    reviews_rating int(1),
 317    date_added datetime,
 318    last_modified datetime,
 319    reviews_read int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 320    approved tinyint(3) unsigned default '0',
 321    PRIMARY KEY (reviews_id)
 322  );
 324  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS article_reviews_description;
 325  CREATE TABLE article_reviews_description (
 326    reviews_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 327    languages_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 328    reviews_text text NOT NULL,
 329    PRIMARY KEY (reviews_id,languages_id)
 330  );
 331  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS authors;
 332  CREATE TABLE authors (
 333    authors_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 334    authors_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 335    authors_image varchar(64),
 336    date_added datetime,
 337    last_modified datetime,
 338    PRIMARY KEY (authors_id),
 339    KEY IDX_AUTHORS_NAME (authors_name)
 340  );
 342  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS authors_info;
 343  CREATE TABLE authors_info (
 344    authors_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 345    languages_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 346    authors_description text,
 347    authors_url varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 348    url_clicked int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 349    date_last_click datetime,
 350    PRIMARY KEY (authors_id, languages_id)
 351  );
 353  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS banners;
 354  CREATE TABLE banners (
 355    banners_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 356    banners_title varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 357    banners_url varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 358    banners_image varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 359    banners_group varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 360    banners_html_text text,
 361    expires_impressions int(7) DEFAULT '0',
 362    expires_date datetime DEFAULT NULL,
 363    date_scheduled datetime DEFAULT NULL,
 364    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 365    date_status_change datetime DEFAULT NULL,
 366    status int(1) DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
 367    PRIMARY KEY (banners_id),
 368    KEY idx_banners_group (banners_group)
 369  );
 371  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS banners_history;
 372  CREATE TABLE banners_history (
 373    banners_history_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 374    banners_id int NOT NULL,
 375    banners_shown int(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
 376    banners_clicked int(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
 377    banners_history_date datetime NOT NULL,
 378    PRIMARY KEY (banners_history_id),
 379    KEY idx_banners_history_banners_id (banners_id)
 380  );
 383  CREATE TABLE cache (
 384    cache_id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 385    cache_language_id tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0',
 386    cache_name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 387    cache_data mediumtext NOT NULL,
 388    cache_global tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1',
 389    cache_gzip tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1',
 390    cache_method varchar(20) NOT NULL default 'RETURN',
 391    cache_date datetime NOT NULL,
 392    cache_expires datetime NOT NULL,
 393    PRIMARY KEY (cache_id, cache_language_id),
 394    KEY cache_id (cache_id),
 395    KEY cache_language_id (cache_language_id),
 396    KEY cache_global (cache_global)
 397  );
 399  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS categories;
 400  CREATE TABLE categories (
 401    categories_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 402    categories_image varchar(64),
 403    parent_id int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
 404    sort_order int(3),
 405    date_added datetime,
 406    last_modified datetime,
 407    PRIMARY KEY (categories_id),
 408    KEY idx_categories_parent_id (parent_id)
 409  );
 411  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS categories_description;
 412  CREATE TABLE categories_description (
 413    categories_id int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
 414    language_id int DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
 415    categories_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 416    categories_heading_title varchar(64),
 417    categories_description text,
 418    PRIMARY KEY (categories_id, language_id),
 419    KEY idx_categories_name (categories_name)
 420  );
 422  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS configuration;
 423  CREATE TABLE configuration (
 424    configuration_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 425    configuration_title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 426    configuration_key varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 427    configuration_value varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 428    configuration_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 429    configuration_group_id int NOT NULL,
 430    sort_order int(5) NULL,
 431    last_modified datetime NULL,
 432    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 433    use_function varchar(255) NULL,
 434    set_function varchar(255) NULL,
 435    PRIMARY KEY (configuration_id)
 436  );
 438  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS configuration_group;
 439  CREATE TABLE configuration_group (
 440    configuration_group_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 441    configuration_group_title varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 442    configuration_group_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 443    sort_order int(5) NULL,
 444    visible int(1) DEFAULT '1' NULL,
 445    PRIMARY KEY (configuration_group_id)
 446  );
 448  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS counter;
 449  CREATE TABLE counter (
 450    startdate char(8),
 451    counter int(12)
 452  );
 454  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS counter_history;
 455  CREATE TABLE counter_history (
 456    month char(8),
 457    counter int(12)
 458  );
 460  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS countries;
 461  CREATE TABLE countries (
 462    countries_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 463    countries_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 464    countries_iso_code_2 char(2) NOT NULL,
 465    countries_iso_code_3 char(3) NOT NULL,
 466    address_format_id int NOT NULL,
 467    PRIMARY KEY (countries_id),
 468    KEY IDX_COUNTRIES_NAME (countries_name)
 469  );
 472  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupons;
 473  CREATE TABLE coupons (
 474    coupon_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 475    coupon_type char(1) NOT NULL default 'F',
 476    coupon_code varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 477    coupon_amount decimal(8,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 478    coupon_minimum_order decimal(8,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 479    coupon_start_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 480    coupon_expire_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 481    uses_per_coupon int(5) NOT NULL default '1',
 482    uses_per_user int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 483    restrict_to_products varchar(255) default NULL,
 484    restrict_to_categories varchar(255) default NULL,
 485    restrict_to_customers text,
 486    coupon_active char(1) NOT NULL default 'Y',
 487    date_created datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 488    date_modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 489    PRIMARY KEY (coupon_id)
 490  );
 492  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupons_description;
 493  CREATE TABLE coupons_description (
 494    coupon_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 495    language_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 496    coupon_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 497    coupon_description text,
 498    KEY coupon_id (coupon_id)
 499  );
 500  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupon_email_track;
 501  CREATE TABLE coupon_email_track (
 502    unique_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 503    coupon_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 504    customer_id_sent int NOT NULL default '0',
 505    sent_firstname varchar(32) default NULL,
 506    sent_lastname varchar(32) default NULL,
 507    emailed_to varchar(32) default NULL,
 508    date_sent datetime NOT NULL,
 509    PRIMARY KEY (unique_id)
 510  );
 512  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupon_gv_customer;
 513  CREATE TABLE coupon_gv_customer (
 514    customer_id int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 515    amount decimal(8,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 516    PRIMARY KEY (customer_id),
 517    KEY customer_id (customer_id)
 518  );
 520  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupon_gv_queue;
 521  CREATE TABLE coupon_gv_queue (
 522    unique_id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 523    customer_id int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 524    order_id int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 525    amount decimal(8,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 526    date_created datetime NOT NULL,
 527    ipaddr varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 528    release_flag char(1) NOT NULL default 'N',
 529    PRIMARY KEY (unique_id),
 530    KEY uid (unique_id,customer_id,order_id)
 531  );
 533  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS coupon_redeem_track;
 534  CREATE TABLE coupon_redeem_track (
 535    unique_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 536    coupon_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 537    customer_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 538    redeem_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
 539    redeem_ip varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 540    order_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 541    PRIMARY KEY (unique_id)
 542  );
 544  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS currencies;
 545  CREATE TABLE currencies (
 546    currencies_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 547    title varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 548    code char(3) NOT NULL,
 549    symbol_left varchar(12),
 550    symbol_right varchar(12),
 551    decimal_point char(1),
 552    thousands_point char(1),
 553    decimal_places char(1),
 554    value float(13,8),
 555    last_updated datetime NULL,
 556    PRIMARY KEY (currencies_id),
 557    KEY idx_currencies_code (code)
 558  );
 560  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers;
 561  CREATE TABLE customers (
 562    customers_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 563    purchased_without_account tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
 564    customers_gender char(1) NOT NULL,
 565    customers_firstname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 566    customers_lastname varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 567    customers_dob datetime DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00' NOT NULL,
 568    customers_email_address varchar(96) NOT NULL,
 569    customers_default_address_id int,
 570    customers_telephone varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 571    customers_fax varchar(32),
 572    customers_password varchar(40) NOT NULL,
 573    customers_newsletter char(1),
 574    customers_login varchar(96) DEFAULT NULL,
 575    customers_group_name varchar(27) DEFAULT 'Retail' NOT NULL,
 576    customers_group_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 577    customers_group_ra enum('0','1') NOT NULL default '0',
 578    customers_payment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 579    customers_shipment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 580    PRIMARY KEY (customers_id),
 581    UNIQUE KEY idx_customers_login (customers_login),
 582    KEY purchased_without_account (purchased_without_account),
 583    KEY idx_customers_email_address (customers_email_address)
 584  );
 586  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_basket;
 587  CREATE TABLE customers_basket (
 588    customers_basket_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 589    customers_id int NOT NULL,
 590    products_id tinytext NOT NULL,
 591    customers_basket_quantity int(2) NOT NULL,
 592    final_price decimal(15,4),
 593    customers_basket_date_added char(8),
 594    PRIMARY KEY (customers_basket_id),
 595    KEY idx_customers_basket_customers_id (customers_id)
 596  );
 598  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_basket_attributes;
 599  CREATE TABLE customers_basket_attributes (
 600    customers_basket_attributes_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 601    customers_id int NOT NULL,
 602    products_id tinytext NOT NULL,
 603    products_options_id int NOT NULL,
 604    products_options_value_id int NOT NULL,
 605    products_options_value_text varchar(32),
 606    PRIMARY KEY (customers_basket_attributes_id),
 607    KEY idx_customers_basket_att_customers_id (customers_id)
 608  );
 610  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_groups;
 611  CREATE TABLE customers_groups (
 612    customers_group_id smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
 613    customers_group_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 614    customers_group_show_tax enum('1','0') DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
 615    customers_group_tax_exempt enum('0','1') NOT NULL default '0',
 616    group_payment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 617    group_shipment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 618    PRIMARY KEY (customers_group_id)
 619  );
 621  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_info;
 622  CREATE TABLE customers_info (
 623    customers_info_id int NOT NULL,
 624    customers_info_date_of_last_logon datetime,
 625    customers_info_number_of_logons int(5),
 626    customers_info_date_account_created datetime,
 627    customers_info_date_account_last_modified datetime,
 628    global_product_notifications int(1) DEFAULT '0',
 629    PRIMARY KEY (customers_info_id)
 630  );
 632  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_wishlist;
 633  CREATE TABLE customers_wishlist (
 634    products_id int NOT NULL,
 635    customers_id int NOT NULL,
 636    products_model varchar(13),
 637    products_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 638    products_price decimal(8,2) DEFAULT '0.00' NOT NULL,
 639    final_price decimal(8,2) DEFAULT '0.00' NOT NULL,
 640    products_quantity int(2) NOT NULL default '0',
 641    wishlist_name varchar(64) 
 642  );
 644  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS customers_wishlist_attributes;
 645  CREATE TABLE customers_wishlist_attributes (
 646    customers_wishlist_attributes_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 647    customers_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 648    products_id tinytext NOT NULL,
 649    products_options_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 650    products_options_value_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 651    PRIMARY KEY (customers_wishlist_attributes_id)
 652  );
 654  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS geo_zones;
 655  CREATE TABLE geo_zones (
 656    geo_zone_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 657    geo_zone_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 658    geo_zone_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 659    last_modified datetime,
 660    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 661    PRIMARY KEY (geo_zone_id)
 662  );
 664  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS google_checkout;
 665  CREATE TABLE google_checkout (
 666    customers_id int DEFAULT NULL,
 667    buyer_id bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL
 668  );
 670  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS google_orders;
 671  CREATE TABLE google_orders (
 672    orders_id int default NULL,
 673    google_order_number bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL,
 674    order_amount decimal(15,4) DEFAULT NULL
 675  );
 677  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS languages;
 678  CREATE TABLE languages (
 679    languages_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 680    name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 681    code char(2) NOT NULL,
 682    image varchar(64),
 683    directory varchar(32),
 684    sort_order int(3),
 685    PRIMARY KEY (languages_id),
 687  );
 689  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS manufacturers;
 690  CREATE TABLE manufacturers (
 691    manufacturers_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 692    manufacturers_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 693    manufacturers_image varchar(64),
 694    date_added datetime NULL,
 695    last_modified datetime NULL,
 696    PRIMARY KEY (manufacturers_id),
 697    KEY IDX_MANUFACTURERS_NAME (manufacturers_name)
 698  );
 700  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS manufacturers_info;
 701  CREATE TABLE manufacturers_info (
 702    manufacturers_id int NOT NULL,
 703    languages_id int NOT NULL,
 704    manufacturers_url varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 705    url_clicked int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 706    date_last_click datetime NULL,
 707    PRIMARY KEY (manufacturers_id, languages_id)
 708  );
 710  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS newsletters;
 711  CREATE TABLE newsletters (
 712    newsletters_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 713    title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 714    content text NOT NULL,
 715    module varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 716    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 717    date_sent datetime,
 718    status int(1),
 719    locked int(1) DEFAULT '0',
 720    PRIMARY KEY (newsletters_id)
 721  );
 723  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders;
 724  CREATE TABLE orders (
 725    orders_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 726    customers_id int NOT NULL,
 727    customers_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 728    customers_company varchar(32),
 729    customers_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 730    customers_suburb varchar(32),
 731    customers_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 732    customers_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 733    customers_state varchar(32),
 734    customers_country varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 735    customers_telephone varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 736    customers_email_address varchar(96) NOT NULL,
 737    customers_address_format_id int(5) NOT NULL,
 738    customers_dummy_account tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL,
 739    delivery_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 740    delivery_company varchar(32),
 741    delivery_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 742    delivery_suburb varchar(32),
 743    delivery_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 744    delivery_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 745    delivery_state varchar(32),
 746    delivery_country varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 747    delivery_address_format_id int(5) NOT NULL,
 748    billing_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 749    billing_company varchar(32),
 750    billing_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 751    billing_suburb varchar(32),
 752    billing_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 753    billing_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 754    billing_state varchar(32),
 755    billing_country varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 756    billing_address_format_id int(5) NOT NULL,
 757    payment_method varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 758    cc_type varchar(20),
 759    cc_owner varchar(64),
 760    cc_number varchar(32),
 761    cc_expires varchar(4),
 762    last_modified datetime,
 763    date_purchased datetime,
 764    orders_status int(5) NOT NULL,
 765    orders_date_finished datetime,
 766    currency char(3),
 767    currency_value decimal(14,6),
 768    paypal_ipn_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 769    fedex_tracking varchar(20) NOT NULL,
 770    purchased_without_account tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
 771    shipping_tax decimal(7,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 772    shipping_module varchar(255) default NULL,
 773    PRIMARY KEY (orders_id),
 774    KEY idx_orders_customers_id (customers_id)
 775  );
 777  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_products;
 778  CREATE TABLE orders_products (
 779    orders_products_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 780    orders_id int NOT NULL,
 781    products_id int NOT NULL,
 782    products_model varchar(12),
 783    products_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 784    products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 785    final_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 786    products_tax decimal(7,4) NOT NULL,
 787    products_quantity int(2) NOT NULL,
 788    products_stock_attributes varchar(255),
 789    PRIMARY KEY (orders_products_id),
 790    KEY idx_orders_products_orders_id (orders_id),
 791    KEY idx_orders_products_products_id (products_id)
 792  );
 794  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_products_attributes;
 795  CREATE TABLE orders_products_attributes (
 796    orders_products_attributes_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 797    orders_id int NOT NULL,
 798    orders_products_id int NOT NULL,
 799    products_options varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 800    products_options_values varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 801    options_values_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 802    price_prefix char(1) NOT NULL,
 803    PRIMARY KEY (orders_products_attributes_id),
 804    KEY idx_orders_products_att_orders_id (orders_id)
 805  );
 807  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_products_download;
 808  CREATE TABLE orders_products_download (
 809    orders_products_download_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 810    orders_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 811    orders_products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 812    orders_products_filename varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 813    download_maxdays int(2) NOT NULL default '0',
 814    download_count int(2) NOT NULL default '0',
 815    PRIMARY KEY (orders_products_download_id),
 816    KEY idx_orders_products_download_orders_id (orders_id)
 817  );
 819  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_status;
 820  CREATE TABLE orders_status (
 821    orders_status_id int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
 822    language_id int DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
 823    orders_status_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 824    public_flag int DEFAULT '1',
 825    downloads_flag int DEFAULT '0',
 826    PRIMARY KEY (orders_status_id, language_id),
 827    KEY idx_orders_status_name (orders_status_name)
 828  );
 830  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_status_history;
 831  CREATE TABLE orders_status_history (
 832    orders_status_history_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 833    orders_id int NOT NULL,
 834    orders_status_id int(5) NOT NULL,
 835    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 836    customer_notified int(1) DEFAULT '0',
 837    comments text,
 838    PRIMARY KEY (orders_status_history_id),
 839    KEY idx_orders_status_history_orders_id (orders_id)
 840  );
 842  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_total;
 843  CREATE TABLE orders_total (
 844    orders_total_id int unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
 845    orders_id int NOT NULL,
 846    title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 847    text varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 848    value decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 849    class varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 850    sort_order int NOT NULL,
 851    PRIMARY KEY (orders_total_id),
 852    KEY idx_orders_total_orders_id (orders_id)
 853  );
 855  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS packaging;
 856  CREATE TABLE packaging (
 857    package_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 858    package_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 859    package_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 860    package_length decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '5.00',
 861    package_width decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '5.00',
 862    package_height decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '5.00',
 863    package_empty_weight decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '0.00',
 864    package_max_weight decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '50.00',
 865    package_cost int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 866    PRIMARY KEY (package_id)
 867  );
 869  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS paypal_ipn;
 870  CREATE TABLE paypal_ipn (
 871    paypal_ipn_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
 872    txn_type int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
 873    reason_code int default NULL,
 874    payment_type int NOT NULL default '0',
 875    payment_status int NOT NULL default '0',
 876    pending_reason int default NULL,
 877    invoice varchar(64) default NULL,
 878    mc_currency int NOT NULL default '1',
 879    first_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 880    last_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 881    payer_business_name varchar(32) default NULL,
 882    address_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 883    address_street varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 884    address_city varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 885    address_state varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 886    address_zip varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 887    address_country varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 888    address_status varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 889    address_owner varchar(64) NOT NULL default '0',
 890    payer_email varchar(96) NOT NULL,
 891    ebay_address_id varchar(96) default NULL,
 892    payer_id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 893    payer_status varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 894    payment_date varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 895    business varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 896    receiver_email varchar(96) NOT NULL,
 897    receiver_id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 898    paypal_address_id varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 899    txn_id varchar(17) NOT NULL,
 900    notify_version varchar(17) NOT NULL,
 901    verify_sign varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 902    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 903    PRIMARY KEY (paypal_ipn_id,txn_id),
 904    KEY idx_paypal_ipn_paypal_ipn_id (paypal_ipn_id)
 905  );
 907  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products;
 908  CREATE TABLE products (
 909    products_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 910    products_quantity int(4) NOT NULL,
 911    products_model varchar(12),
 912    products_image varchar(64),
 913    products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 914    products_date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 915    products_last_modified datetime,
 916    products_date_available datetime,
 917    products_weight decimal(5,2) NOT NULL,
 918    products_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL,
 919    products_tax_class_id int NOT NULL,
 920    manufacturers_id int NULL,
 921    products_ordered int NOT NULL default '0',
 922    products_ship_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 923    products_length decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '12.00',
 924    products_width decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '12.00',
 925    products_height decimal(6,2) NOT NULL default '12.00',
 926    products_ready_to_ship int(1) NOT NULL default '0',
 927    PRIMARY KEY (products_id),
 928    KEY idx_products_model (products_model),
 929    KEY idx_products_date_added (products_date_added)
 930  );
 932  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_attributes;
 933  CREATE TABLE products_attributes (
 934    products_attributes_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 935    products_id int NOT NULL,
 936    options_id int NOT NULL,
 937    options_values_id int NOT NULL,
 938    options_values_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
 939    price_prefix char(1) NOT NULL,
 940    PRIMARY KEY (products_attributes_id),
 941    KEY idx_products_attributes_products_id (products_id)
 942  );
 944  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_attributes_download;
 945  CREATE TABLE products_attributes_download (
 946    products_attributes_id int NOT NULL,
 947    products_attributes_filename varchar(255) NOT NULL,
 948    products_attributes_maxdays int(2) default '0',
 949    products_attributes_maxcount int(2) default '0',
 950    PRIMARY KEY (products_attributes_id)
 951  );
 953  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_description;
 954  CREATE TABLE products_description (
 955    products_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
 956    language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
 957    products_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
 958    products_description text,
 959    products_url varchar(255) default NULL,
 960    products_viewed int(5) default '0',
 961    PRIMARY KEY (products_id,language_id),
 962    KEY products_name (products_name)
 963  );
 965  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_groups;
 966  CREATE TABLE products_groups (
 967    customers_group_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 968    customers_group_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
 969    products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 970    products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000'
 971  );
 973  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_notifications;
 974  CREATE TABLE products_notifications (
 975    products_id int NOT NULL,
 976    customers_id int NOT NULL,
 977    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
 978    PRIMARY KEY (products_id, customers_id)
 979  );
 981  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_options;
 982  CREATE TABLE products_options (
 983    products_options_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 984    language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
 985    products_options_name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
 986    products_options_track_stock tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '0',
 987    products_options_type int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
 988    products_options_length smallint(2) NOT NULL default '32',
 989    products_options_comment varchar(32) default NULL,
 990    PRIMARY KEY (products_options_id,language_id)
 991  );
 993  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_options_values;
 994  CREATE TABLE products_options_values (
 995    products_options_values_id int NOT NULL default '0',
 996    language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
 997    products_options_values_name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
 998    PRIMARY KEY (products_options_values_id,language_id)
 999  );
1001  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_options_values_to_products_options;
1002  CREATE TABLE products_options_values_to_products_options (
1003    products_options_values_to_products_options_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1004    products_options_id int NOT NULL,
1005    products_options_values_id int NOT NULL,
1006    PRIMARY KEY (products_options_values_to_products_options_id)
1007  );
1009  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_stock;
1010  CREATE TABLE products_stock (
1011    products_stock_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1012    products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
1013    products_stock_attributes varchar(255) NOT NULL,
1014    products_stock_quantity int NOT NULL default '0',
1015    PRIMARY KEY (products_stock_id),
1016    UNIQUE idx_products_stock_attributes (products_id, products_stock_attributes)
1017  );
1019  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_to_categories;
1020  CREATE TABLE products_to_categories (
1021    products_id int NOT NULL,
1022    categories_id int NOT NULL,
1023    PRIMARY KEY (products_id,categories_id)
1024  );
1026  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_xsell;
1027  CREATE TABLE products_xsell (
1028    ID int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
1029    products_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
1030    xsell_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
1031    sort_order int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '1',
1032    PRIMARY KEY (ID)
1033  );
1035  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS reviews;
1036  CREATE TABLE reviews (
1037    reviews_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1038    products_id int NOT NULL,
1039    customers_id int,
1040    customers_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1041    reviews_rating int(1),
1042    date_added datetime,
1043    last_modified datetime,
1044    reviews_read int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
1045    PRIMARY KEY (reviews_id),
1046    KEY idx_reviews_products_id (products_id),
1047    KEY idx_reviews_customers_id (customers_id)
1048  );
1050  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS reviews_description;
1051  CREATE TABLE reviews_description (
1052    reviews_id int NOT NULL,
1053    languages_id int NOT NULL,
1054    reviews_text text NOT NULL,
1055    PRIMARY KEY (reviews_id, languages_id)
1056  );
1059  CREATE TABLE scart (
1060    scartid int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
1061    customers_id int(11) NOT NULL,
1062    dateadded varchar(8) NOT NULL,
1063    datemodified varchar(8) NOT NULL,
1064    PRIMARY KEY (scartid),
1065    UNIQUE KEY scartid (scartid),
1066    UNIQUE KEY customers_id (customers_id)
1067  );
1069  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS searchword_swap;
1070  CREATE TABLE searchword_swap (
1071    sws_id mediumint(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
1072    sws_word varchar(100) NOT NULL,
1073    sws_replacement varchar(100) NOT NULL,
1074    PRIMARY KEY  (sws_id)
1075  ) TYPE=MyISAM;
1077  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS search_queries;
1078  CREATE TABLE search_queries (
1079    search_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1080    search_text tinytext,
1081    PRIMARY KEY (search_id)
1082  );
1084  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS search_queries_sorted;
1085  CREATE TABLE search_queries_sorted (
1086    search_id smallint(6) NOT NULL auto_increment,
1087    search_text tinytext NOT NULL,
1088    search_count int NOT NULL default '0',
1089    PRIMARY KEY (search_id)
1090  );
1092  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS sessions;
1093  CREATE TABLE sessions (
1094    sesskey varchar(32) NOT NULL,
1095    expiry int unsigned NOT NULL,
1096    value text NOT NULL,
1097    PRIMARY KEY (sesskey)
1098  );
1100  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS shipping_manifest;
1101  CREATE TABLE shipping_manifest (
1102    delivery_id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
1103    orders_id int(6) NOT NULL default '0',
1104    delivery_name varchar(128) NOT NULL,
1105    delivery_company varchar(128) NOT NULL,
1106    delivery_address_1 varchar(128) NOT NULL,
1107    delivery_address_2 varchar(128) NOT NULL,
1108    delivery_city varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1109    delivery_state char(2) NOT NULL,
1110    delivery_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
1111    delivery_phone varchar(10) NOT NULL,
1112    package_weight char(3) NOT NULL,
1113    package_value varchar(4) NOT NULL,
1114    oversized int(1) NOT NULL default '0',
1115    pickup_date date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',
1116    shipping_type varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1117    residential char(1) NOT NULL,
1118    cod int(1) NOT NULL default '0',
1119    tracking_num varchar(20) NOT NULL,
1120    multiple int(3) NOT NULL default '0',
1121    PRIMARY KEY (delivery_id),
1122    UNIQUE tracking_num (tracking_num)
1123  );
1125  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS specials;
1126  CREATE TABLE specials (
1127    specials_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1128    products_id int NOT NULL,
1129    specials_new_products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
1130    specials_date_added datetime,
1131    specials_last_modified datetime,
1132    expires_date datetime,
1133    date_status_change datetime,
1134    status int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
1135    customers_group_id int NOT NULL default '0',
1136    PRIMARY KEY (specials_id),
1137    KEY idx_specials_products_id (products_id)
1138  );
1140  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS specials_retail_prices;
1141  CREATE TABLE specials_retail_prices (
1142    products_id int NOT NULL default '0',
1143    specials_new_products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000',
1144    `status` tinyint(4) default NULL,
1145    customers_group_id smallint(6) default NULL,
1146    PRIMARY KEY (products_id)
1147  );
1149  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tax_class;
1150  CREATE TABLE tax_class (
1151    tax_class_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1152    tax_class_title varchar(32) NOT NULL,
1153    tax_class_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
1154    last_modified datetime NULL,
1155    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
1156    PRIMARY KEY (tax_class_id)
1157  );
1159  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tax_rates;
1160  CREATE TABLE tax_rates (
1161    tax_rates_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1162    tax_zone_id int NOT NULL,
1163    tax_class_id int NOT NULL,
1164    tax_priority int(5) DEFAULT 1,
1165    tax_rate decimal(7,4) NOT NULL,
1166    tax_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
1167    last_modified datetime NULL,
1168    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
1169    PRIMARY KEY (tax_rates_id)
1170  );
1172  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS theme_configuration;
1173  CREATE TABLE theme_configuration (
1174    configuration_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1175    configuration_title varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1176    configuration_key varchar(64) NOT NULL default 'BOX_HEADING_',
1177    configuration_value varchar(255) NOT NULL,
1178    configuration_description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
1179    configuration_group_id int NOT NULL default '1',
1180    configuration_column varchar(64) NOT NULL default 'left',
1181    location int(5) NOT NULL default '0',
1182    sort_order int(5) default NULL,
1183    last_modified datetime default NULL,
1184    date_added datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
1185    box_heading varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1186    PRIMARY KEY (configuration_id)
1187  );
1189  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS topics;
1190  CREATE TABLE topics (
1191    topics_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1192    topics_image varchar(64) default NULL,
1193    parent_id int NOT NULL default '0',
1194    sort_order int(3) default NULL,
1195    date_added datetime default NULL,
1196    last_modified datetime default NULL,
1197    PRIMARY KEY (topics_id),
1198    KEY idx_topics_parent_id (parent_id)
1199  );
1201  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS topics_description;
1202  CREATE TABLE topics_description (
1203    topics_id int NOT NULL default '0',
1204    language_id int NOT NULL default '1',
1205    topics_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
1206    topics_heading_title varchar(64) default NULL,
1207    topics_description text,
1208    PRIMARY KEY (topics_id,language_id),
1209    KEY idx_topics_name (topics_name)
1210  );
1212  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ups_boxes_used;
1213  CREATE TABLE ups_boxes_used (
1214    id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1215    date datetime DEFAULT NULL,
1216    customers_id int NOT NULL,
1217    boxes text,
1218    PRIMARY KEY  (id)
1219  );
1221  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS whos_online;
1222  CREATE TABLE whos_online (
1223    customer_id int,
1224    full_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
1225    session_id varchar(128) NOT NULL,
1226    ip_address varchar(15) NOT NULL,
1227    time_entry varchar(14) NOT NULL,
1228    time_last_click varchar(14) NOT NULL,
1229    last_page_url text NOT NULL
1230  );
1233  CREATE TABLE zones (
1234    zone_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1235    zone_country_id int NOT NULL,
1236    zone_code varchar(32) NOT NULL,
1237    zone_name varchar(32) NOT NULL,
1238    PRIMARY KEY (zone_id),
1239    KEY idx_zones_country_id (zone_country_id),
1240    KEY idx_zones_to_geo_zones_country_id (zone_country_id)
1241  );
1243  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS zones_to_geo_zones;
1244  CREATE TABLE zones_to_geo_zones (
1245    association_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
1246    zone_country_id int NOT NULL,
1247    zone_id int NULL,
1248    geo_zone_id int NULL,
1249    last_modified datetime NULL,
1250    date_added datetime NOT NULL,
1251    PRIMARY KEY (association_id),
1252    KEY idx_zones_to_geo_zones_country_id (zone_country_id)
1253  );
1256  # data
1258  # 1 - Default, 2 - USA, 3 - Spain, 4 - Singapore, 5 - Germany
1259  INSERT INTO address_format VALUES (1,'$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city,$postcode$cr$statecomma$country','$city / $country');
1260  INSERT INTO address_format VALUES (2,'$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city,$state    $postcode$cr$country','$city,$state / $country');
1261  INSERT INTO address_format VALUES (3,'$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$cr$postcode - $statecomma$country','$state / $country');
1262  INSERT INTO address_format VALUES (4,'$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city ($postcode)$cr$country','$postcode / $country');
1263  INSERT INTO address_format VALUES (5,'$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$postcode $city$cr$country','$city / $country');
1265  # INSERT INTO admin VALUES ('1','1','Admin','Default','Admin','[email protected]','05cdeb1aeaffec1c7ae3f12c570a658c:81',now(),NULL,NULL,'1');
1267  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (1,'administrator.php',1,0,'1');
1268  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (2,'configuration.php',1,0,'1');
1269  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (3,'catalog.php',1,0,'1');
1270  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (4,'modules.php',1,0,'1');
1271  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (5,'customers.php',1,0,'1');
1272  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (6,'taxes.php',1,0,'1');
1273  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (7,'localization.php',1,0,'1');
1274  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (8,'reports.php',1,0,'1');
1275  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (9,'tools.php',1,0,'1');
1276  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (10,'admin_members.php',0,1,'1');
1277  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (11,'admin_files.php',0,1,'1');
1278  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (12,'configuration.php',0,2,'1');
1279  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (13,'categories.php',0,3,'1');
1280  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (14,'products_attributes.php',0,3,'1');
1281  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (15,'manufacturers.php',0,3,'1');
1282  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (16,'reviews.php',0,3,'1');
1283  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (17,'specials.php',0,3,'1');
1284  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (18,'products_expected.php',0,3,'1');
1285  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (19,'modules.php',0,4,'1');
1286  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (20,'customers.php',0,5,'1');
1287  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (21,'orders.php',0,5,'1');
1288  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (22,'countries.php',0,6,'1');
1289  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (23,'zones.php',0,6,'1');
1290  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (24,'geo_zones.php',0,6,'1');
1291  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (25,'tax_classes.php',0,6,'1');
1292  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (26,'tax_rates.php',0,6,'1');
1293  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (27,'currencies.php',0,7,'1');
1294  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (28,'languages.php',0,7,'1');
1295  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (29,'orders_status.php',0,7,'1');
1296  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (30,'stats_products_viewed.php',0,8,'1');
1297  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (31,'stats_products_purchased.php',0,8,'1');
1298  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (32,'stats_customers.php',0,8,'1');
1299  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (33,'backup.php',0,9,'1');
1300  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (34,'banner_manager.php',0,9,'1');
1301  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (35,'cache.php',0,9,'1');
1302  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (36,'define_language.php',0,9,'1');
1303  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (37,'file_manager.php',0,9,'1');
1304  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (38,'mail.php',0,9,'1');
1305  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (39,'newsletters.php',0,9,'1');
1306  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (40,'server_info.php',0,9,'1');
1307  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (41,'whos_online.php',0,9,'1');
1308  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (42,'banner_statistics.php',0,9,'1');
1309  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (43,'affiliate.php',1,0,'1');
1310  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (44,'affiliate_affiliates.php',0,43,'1');
1311  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (45,'affiliate_clicks.php',0,43,'1');
1312  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (46,'affiliate_banners.php',0,43,'1');
1313  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (47,'affiliate_contact.php',0,43,'1');
1314  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (48,'affiliate_invoice.php',0,43,'1');
1315  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (49,'affiliate_payment.php',0,43,'1');
1316  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (50,'affiliate_popup_image.php',0,43,'1');
1317  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (51,'affiliate_sales.php',0,43,'1');
1318  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (52,'affiliate_statistics.php',0,43,'1');
1319  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (53,'affiliate_summary.php',0,43,'1');
1320  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (54,'gv_admin.php',1,0,'1');
1321  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (55,'coupon_admin.php',0,54,'1');
1322  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (56,'gv_queue.php',0,54,'1');
1323  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (57,'gv_mail.php',0,54,'1');
1324  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (58,'gv_sent.php',0,54,'1');
1325  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (59,'paypalipn.php',1,0,'1');
1326  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (60,'paypalipn_tests.php',0,59,'1');
1327  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (61,'paypalipn_txn.php',0,59,'1');
1328  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (62,'coupon_restrict.php',0,54,'1');
1329  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (64,'xsell_products.php',0,3,'1');
1330  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (65,'easypopulate.php',0,3,'1');
1331  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (68,'define_mainpage.php',0,3,'1');
1332  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (70,'edit_orders.php',0,5,'1');
1333  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (71,'validproducts.php',0,54,'1');
1334  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (72,'validcategories.php',0,54,'1');
1335  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (73,'listcategories.php',0,54,'1');
1336  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (74,'listproducts.php',0,54,'1');
1337  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (75,'new_attributes.php',0,3,'1');
1338  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (80,'paypal_ipn_order.php',0,5,'1');
1339  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (78,'paypal_ipn.php',0,5,'1');
1340  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (81,'articles.php',1,0,'1');
1341  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (82,'article_reviews.php',0,81,'1');
1342  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (83,'articles.php',0,81,'1');
1343  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (84,'articles_config.php',0,81,'1');
1344  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (85,'articles_xsell.php',0,81,'1');
1345  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (86,'authors.php',0,81,'1');
1346  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (87,'recover_cart_sales.php',0,8,'1');
1347  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (88,'stats_recover_cart_sales.php',0,8,'1');
1348  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (89,'stats_monthly_sales.php',0,8,'1');
1349  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (90,'batch_print.php',0,9,'1');
1350  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (91,'stock.php',0,3,'1');
1351  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (92,'stats_low_stock_attrib.php',0,3,'1');
1352  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (93,'info_boxes.php',1,0,'1');
1353  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (94,'infobox_configuration.php',0,93,'1');
1354  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (95,'popup_infobox_help.php',0,93,'1');
1355  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (98,'customers_groups.php',0,5,'1');
1356  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (99,'define_conditions.php',0,3,'1');
1357  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (100,'define_privacy.php',0,3,'1');
1358  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (101,'define_shipping.php',0,3,'1');
1359  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (102,'xsell.php',0,3,'1');
1360  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (103,'create_account.php',0,5,'1');
1361  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (104,'create_account_process.php',0,5,'1');
1362  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (105,'create_account_success.php',0,5,'1');
1363  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (106,'create_order.php',0,5,'1');
1364  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (107,'create_order_process.php',0,5,'1');
1365  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (108,'easypopulate_functions.php',0,3,'1');
1366  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (109,'new_attributes_change.php',0,3,'1');
1367  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (110,'new_attributes_config.php',0,3,'1');
1368  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (111,'new_attributes_functions.php',0,3,'1');
1369  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (112,'new_attributes_include.php',0,3,'1');
1370  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (113,'new_attributes_select.php',0,3,'1');
1371  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (114,'ship_fedex.php',0,8,'1');
1372  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (115,'fedex_popup.php',0,8,'1');
1373  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (116,'shipping_manifest.php',0,8,'1');
1374  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (117,'track_fedex.php',0,8,'1');
1375  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (118,'paypal_info.php',0,1,'1');
1376  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (119,'affiliate_info.php',0,1,'1');
1377  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (120,'domain_info.php',0,1,'1');
1378  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (121,'hosting_info.php',0,1,'1');
1379  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (122,'merchant_info.php',0,1,'1');
1380  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (123,'ssl_info.php',0,1,'1');
1381  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (124,'affiliate_news.php',0,43,'1');
1382  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (125,'affiliate_newsletters.php',0,43,'1');
1383  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (126,'affiliate_validcats.php',0,43,'1');
1384  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (127,'affiliate_validproducts.php',0,43,'1');
1385  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (128,'edit_orders_add_product.php',0,5,'1');
1386  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (129,'edit_orders_ajax.php',0,5,'1');
1387  INSERT INTO admin_files VALUES (130, 'attributeManager.php', 0, 3, '1');
1390  INSERT INTO admin_groups VALUES (1,'Top Administrator');
1391  INSERT INTO admin_groups VALUES (2,'Customer Service');
1394  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (0,1,'Pending');
1395  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (0,2,'Offen');
1396  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (0,3,'Pendiente');
1397  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (1,1,'Paid');
1398  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (1,2,'Ausgezahlt');
1399  INSERT INTO affiliate_payment_status VALUES (1,3,'Pagado');
1402  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1,'Store Name','STORE_NAME','Store Name','The name of my store','1','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1403  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (2,'Store Owner','STORE_OWNER','Owners Name','The name of my store owner','1','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1404  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (3,'E-Mail Address','STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS','[email protected]','The e-mail address of my store owner','1','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1405  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (4,'E-Mail From','EMAIL_FROM','Your Mail <[email protected]>','The e-mail address used in (sent) e-mails','1','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1406  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (5,'Country','STORE_COUNTRY','223','The country my store is located in <br><br><b>Note: Please remember to update the store zone.</b>','1','6',NULL,now(),'tep_get_country_name','tep_cfg_pull_down_country_list(');
1407  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (6,'Zone','STORE_ZONE','4','The zone my store is located in','1','7',NULL,now(),'tep_cfg_get_zone_name','tep_cfg_pull_down_zone_list(');
1408  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (7,'Expected Sort Order','EXPECTED_PRODUCTS_SORT','desc','This is the sort order used in the expected products box.','1','8',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''asc'',''desc''),');
1409  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (8,'Expected Sort Field','EXPECTED_PRODUCTS_FIELD','date_expected','The column to sort by in the expected products box.','1','9',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''products_name'',''date_expected''),');
1410  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (9,'Switch To Default Language Currency','USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY','false','Automatically switch to the language\'s currency when it is changed','1','10',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1411  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (10,'Send Extra Order Emails To','SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO','','Send extra order emails to the following email addresses,in this format: Name 1 &lt;[email protected]&gt;,Name 2 &lt;[email protected]&gt;','1','11',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1412  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (11,'Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)','SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS','false','Use search-engine safe urls for all site links','1','12',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1413  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (12,'Display Cart After Adding Product','DISPLAY_CART','true','Display the shopping cart after adding a product (or return back to their origin)','1','14',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1414  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (13,'Allow Guest To Tell A Friend','ALLOW_GUEST_TO_TELL_A_FRIEND','false','Allow guests to tell a friend about a product','1','15',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1415  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (14,'Default Search Operator','ADVANCED_SEARCH_DEFAULT_OPERATOR','and','Default search operators','1','17',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'and\', \'or\'),');
1416  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (15,'Store Address and Phone','STORE_NAME_ADDRESS','Store Name\nAddress\nCountry\nPhone','This is the Store Name,Address and Phone used on printable documents and displayed online','1','18',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_textarea(');
1417  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (16,'Show Category Counts','SHOW_COUNTS','false','Count recursively how many products are in each category','1','19',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1418  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (17,'Tax Decimal Places','TAX_DECIMAL_PLACES','2','Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places','1','20',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1419  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (18,'Display Prices with Tax','DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX','false','Display prices with tax included (true) or add the tax at the end (false)','1','21',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1421  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (19,'First Name','ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH','2','Minimum length of first name','2','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1422  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (20,'Last Name','ENTRY_LAST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH','2','Minimum length of last name','2','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1423  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (21,'Date of Birth','ENTRY_DOB_MIN_LENGTH','10','Minimum length of date of birth','2','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1424  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (22,'E-Mail Address','ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH','6','Minimum length of e-mail address','2','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1425  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (23,'Street Address','ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH','5','Minimum length of street address','2','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1426  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (24,'Company','ENTRY_COMPANY_MIN_LENGTH','2','Minimum length of company name','2','6',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1427  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (25,'Post Code','ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH','4','Minimum length of post code','2','7',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1428  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (26,'City','ENTRY_CITY_MIN_LENGTH','3','Minimum length of city','2','8',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1429  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (27,'State','ENTRY_STATE_MIN_LENGTH','2','Minimum length of state','2','9',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1430  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (28,'Telephone Number','ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH','3','Minimum length of telephone number','2','10',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1431  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (29,'Password','ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH','5','Minimum length of password','2','11',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1432  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (30,'Credit Card Owner Name','CC_OWNER_MIN_LENGTH','3','Minimum length of credit card owner name','2','12',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1433  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (31,'Credit Card Number','CC_NUMBER_MIN_LENGTH','10','Minimum length of credit card number','2','13',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1434  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (32,'Review Text','REVIEW_TEXT_MIN_LENGTH','50','Minimum length of review text','2','14',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1435  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (33,'Best Sellers','MIN_DISPLAY_BESTSELLERS','1','Minimum number of best sellers to display','2','15',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1436  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (34,'Also Purchased','MIN_DISPLAY_ALSO_PURCHASED','1','Minimum number of products to display in the \'This Customer Also Purchased\' box','2','16',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1438  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (35,'Address Book Entries','MAX_ADDRESS_BOOK_ENTRIES','5','Maximum address book entries a customer is allowed to have','3','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1439  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (36,'Search Results','MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS','20','Amount of products to list','3','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1440  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (37,'Page Links','MAX_DISPLAY_PAGE_LINKS','5','Number of \'number\' links use for page-sets','3','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1441  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (38,'Special Products','MAX_DISPLAY_SPECIAL_PRODUCTS','9','Maximum number of products on special to display','3','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1442  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (39,'New Products Module','MAX_DISPLAY_NEW_PRODUCTS','9','Maximum number of new products to display in a category','3','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1443  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (40,'Products Expected','MAX_DISPLAY_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS','10','Maximum number of products expected to display','3','6',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1444  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (41,'Manufacturers List','MAX_DISPLAY_MANUFACTURERS_IN_A_LIST','0','Used in manufacturers box; when the number of manufacturers exceeds this number,a drop-down list will be displayed instead of the default list','3','7',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1445  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (42,'Manufacturers Select Size','MAX_MANUFACTURERS_LIST','1','Used in manufacturers box; when this value is \'1\' the classic drop-down list will be used for the manufacturers box. Otherwise,a list-box with the specified number of rows will be displayed.','3','7',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1446  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (43,'Length of Manufacturers Name','MAX_DISPLAY_MANUFACTURER_NAME_LEN','15','Used in manufacturers box; maximum length of manufacturers name to display','3','8',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1447  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (44,'New Reviews','MAX_DISPLAY_NEW_REVIEWS','6','Maximum number of new reviews to display','3','9',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1448  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (45,'Selection of Random Reviews','MAX_RANDOM_SELECT_REVIEWS','10','How many records to select from to choose one random product review','3','10',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1449  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (46,'Selection of Random New Products','MAX_RANDOM_SELECT_NEW','10','How many records to select from to choose one random new product to display','3','11',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1450  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (47,'Selection of Products on Special','MAX_RANDOM_SELECT_SPECIALS','10','How many records to select from to choose one random product special to display','3','12',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1451  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (48,'Categories To List Per Row','MAX_DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW','3','How many categories to list per row','3','13',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1452  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (49,'New Products Listing','MAX_DISPLAY_PRODUCTS_NEW','10','Maximum number of new products to display in new products page','3','14',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1453  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (50,'Best Sellers','MAX_DISPLAY_BESTSELLERS','10','Maximum number of best sellers to display','3','15',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1454  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (51,'Also Purchased','MAX_DISPLAY_ALSO_PURCHASED','6','Maximum number of products to display in the \'This Customer Also Purchased\' box','3','16',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1455  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (52,'Customer Order History Box','MAX_DISPLAY_PRODUCTS_IN_ORDER_HISTORY_BOX','6','Maximum number of products to display in the customer order history box','3','17',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1456  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (53,'Order History','MAX_DISPLAY_ORDER_HISTORY','10','Maximum number of orders to display in the order history page','3','18',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1457  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (54,'Product Quantities In Shopping Cart','MAX_QTY_IN_CART','99','Maximum number of product quantities that can be added to the shopping cart (0 for no limit)','3','19',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1459  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (55,'Small Image Width','SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH','100','The pixel width of small images','4','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1460  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (56,'Small Image Height','SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT','80','The pixel height of small images','4','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1461  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (57,'Heading Image Width','HEADING_IMAGE_WIDTH','57','The pixel width of heading images','4','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1462  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (58,'Heading Image Height','HEADING_IMAGE_HEIGHT','40','The pixel height of heading images','4','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1463  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (59,'Subcategory Image Width','SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_WIDTH','100','The pixel width of subcategory images','4','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1464  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (60,'Subcategory Image Height','SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_HEIGHT','57','The pixel height of subcategory images','4','6',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1465  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (61,'Calculate Image Size','CONFIG_CALCULATE_IMAGE_SIZE','true','Calculate the size of images?','4','7',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1466  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (62,'Image Required','IMAGE_REQUIRED','true','Enable to display broken images. Good for development.','4','8',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1468  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (63,'Gender','ACCOUNT_GENDER','false','Display gender in the customers account','5','1',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1469  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (64,'Date of Birth','ACCOUNT_DOB','false','Display date of birth in the customers account','5','2',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1470  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (65,'Company','ACCOUNT_COMPANY','false','Display company in the customers account','5','3',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1471  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (66,'Suburb','ACCOUNT_SUBURB','false','Display suburb in the customers account','5','4',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1472  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (67,'State','ACCOUNT_STATE','true','Display state in the customers account','5','5',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1474  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (68,'Installed Modules','MODULE_PAYMENT_INSTALLED','','List of payment module filenames separated by a semi-colon. This is automatically updated. No need to edit. (Example: cc.php;cod.php;paypal.php)','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1475  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (69,'Installed Modules','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED','ot_subtotal.php;ot_shipping.php;ot_tax.php;ot_loyalty_discount.php;ot_loworderfee.php;ot_coupon.php;ot_gv.php;ot_total.php','List of order_total module filenames separated by a semi-colon. This is automatically updated. No need to edit. (Example: ot_subtotal.php;ot_tax.php;ot_shipping.php;ot_total.php)','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1476  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (70,'Installed Modules','MODULE_SHIPPING_INSTALLED','','List of shipping module filenames separated by a semi-colon. This is automatically updated. No need to edit. (Example: ups.php;flat.php;item.php)','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1477  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (85,'Default Currency','DEFAULT_CURRENCY','USD','Default Currency','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1478  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (86,'Default Language','DEFAULT_LANGUAGE','en','Default Language','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1479  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (87,'Default Order Status For New Orders','DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID','1','When a new order is created, this order status will be assigned to it.','6','0',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1480  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (88,'Display Shipping','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the order shipping cost?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1481  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (89,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_SORT_ORDER','2','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1482  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (90,'Allow Free Shipping','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING','false','Do you want to allow free shipping?','6','3',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1483  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (91,'Free Shipping For Orders Over','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER','50','Provide free shipping for orders over the set amount.','6','4',NULL,now(),'currencies->format',NULL);
1484  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (92,'Provide Free Shipping For Orders Made','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_DESTINATION','national','Provide free shipping for orders sent to the set destination.','6','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'national\', \'international\', \'both\'),');
1485  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (93,'Display Sub-Total','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SUBTOTAL_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the order sub-total cost?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1486  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (94,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SUBTOTAL_SORT_ORDER','1','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1487  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (95,'Display Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_TAX_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the order tax value?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1488  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (96,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_TAX_SORT_ORDER','3','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1489  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (97,'Display Total','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_TOTAL_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the total order value?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1490  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (98,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_TOTAL_SORT_ORDER','4','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1492  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (99,'Country of Origin','SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY','223','Select the country of origin to be used in shipping quotes.','7','1',NULL,now(),'tep_get_country_name','tep_cfg_pull_down_country_list(');
1493  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (100,'Postal Code','SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP','NONE','Enter the Postal Code (ZIP) of the Store to be used in shipping quotes.','7','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1494  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (101,'Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship','SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT','50','Carriers have a max weight limit for a single package. This is a common one for all.','7','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1495  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (102,'Package Tare weight.','SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT','1','What is the weight of typical packaging of small to medium packages?','7','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1496  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (103,'Larger packages - percentage increase.','SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING','10','For 10% enter 10','7','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1498  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (104,'Display Product Image','PRODUCT_LIST_IMAGE','1','Do you want to display the Product Image?','8','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1499  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (105,'Display Product Manufaturer Name','PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER','0','Do you want to display the Product Manufacturer Name?','8','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1500  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (106,'Display Product Model','PRODUCT_LIST_MODEL','0','Do you want to display the Product Model?','8','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1501  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (107,'Display Product Name','PRODUCT_LIST_NAME','2','Do you want to display the Product Name?','8','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1502  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (108,'Display Product Price','PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE','3','Do you want to display the Product Price','8','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1503  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (109,'Display Product Quantity','PRODUCT_LIST_QUANTITY','0','Do you want to display the Product Quantity?','8','6',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1504  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (110,'Display Product Weight','PRODUCT_LIST_WEIGHT','0','Do you want to display the Product Weight?','8','7',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1505  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (111,'Display Buy Now column','PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW','4','Do you want to display the Buy Now column?','8','8',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1506  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (112,'Display Category/Manufacturer Filter (0=disable; 1=enable)','PRODUCT_LIST_FILTER','1','Do you want to display the Category/Manufacturer Filter?','8','9',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1507  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (113,'Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both)','PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION','2','Sets the location of the Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both)','8','10',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1509  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (114,'Check stock level','STOCK_CHECK','true','Check to see if sufficent stock is available','9','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1510  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (115,'Subtract stock','STOCK_LIMITED','true','Subtract product in stock by product orders','9','2',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1511  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (116,'Allow Checkout','STOCK_ALLOW_CHECKOUT','true','Allow customer to checkout even if there is insufficient stock','9','3',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1512  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (117,'Mark product out of stock','STOCK_MARK_PRODUCT_OUT_OF_STOCK','***','Display something on screen so customer can see which product has insufficient stock','9','4',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1513  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (118,'Stock Re-order level','STOCK_REORDER_LEVEL','5','Define when stock needs to be re-ordered','9','5',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1515  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (119,'Store Page Parse Time','STORE_PAGE_PARSE_TIME','false','Store the time it takes to parse a page','10','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1516  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (120,'Log Destination','STORE_PAGE_PARSE_TIME_LOG','/var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log','Directory and filename of the page parse time log','10','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1517  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (121,'Log Date Format','STORE_PARSE_DATE_TIME_FORMAT','%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S','The date format','10','3',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1518  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (122,'Display The Page Parse Time','DISPLAY_PAGE_PARSE_TIME','false','Display the page parse time (store page parse time must be enabled)','10','4',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1519  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (123,'Store Database Queries','STORE_DB_TRANSACTIONS','false','Store the database queries in the page parse time log (PHP4 only)','10','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1521  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (124,'Use Cache','USE_CACHE','false','Use caching features','11','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1522  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (125,'Cache Directory','DIR_FS_CACHE','/tmp/','The directory where the cached files are saved','11','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1524  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (126,'E-Mail Transport Method','EMAIL_TRANSPORT','sendmail','Defines if this server uses a local connection to sendmail or uses an SMTP connection via TCP/IP. Servers running on Windows and MacOS should change this setting to SMTP.','12','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'sendmail\', \'smtp\'),');
1525  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (127,'E-Mail Linefeeds','EMAIL_LINEFEED','LF','Defines the character sequence used to separate mail headers.','12','2',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'LF\', \'CRLF\'),');
1526  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (128,'Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails','EMAIL_USE_HTML','false','Send e-mails in HTML format','12','3',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1527  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (129,'Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS','ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_CHECK','false','Verify e-mail address through a DNS server','12','4',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1528  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (130,'Send E-Mails','SEND_EMAILS','true','Send out e-mails','12','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1530  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (131,'Enable download','DOWNLOAD_ENABLED','true','Enable the products download functions.','13','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1531  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (132,'Download by redirect','DOWNLOAD_BY_REDIRECT','true','Use browser redirection for download. Disable on non-Unix systems.','13','2',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1532  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (133,'Expiry delay (days)','DOWNLOAD_MAX_DAYS','7','Set number of days before the download link expires. 0 means no limit.','13','3',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1533  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (134,'Maximum number of downloads','DOWNLOAD_MAX_COUNT','5','Set the maximum number of downloads. 0 means no download authorized.','13','4',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1535  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (135,'Enable GZip Compression','GZIP_COMPRESSION','false','Enable HTTP GZip compression.','14','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1536  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (136,'Compression Level','GZIP_LEVEL','5','Use this compression level 0-9 (0 = minimum, 9 = maximum).','14','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1538  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (137,'Session Directory','SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY','/tmp','If sessions are file based, store them in this directory.','15','1',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1539  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (138,'Force Cookie Use','SESSION_FORCE_COOKIE_USE','False','Force the use of sessions when cookies are only enabled.','15','2',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1540  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (139,'Check SSL Session ID','SESSION_CHECK_SSL_SESSION_ID','False','Validate the SSL_SESSION_ID on every secure HTTPS page request.','15','3',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1541  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (140,'Check User Agent','SESSION_CHECK_USER_AGENT','False','Validate the clients browser user agent on every page request.','15','4',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1542  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (141,'Check IP Address','SESSION_CHECK_IP_ADDRESS','False','Validate the clients IP address on every page request.','15','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1543  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (142,'Prevent Spider Sessions','SESSION_BLOCK_SPIDERS','True','Prevent known spiders from starting a session.','15','6',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1544  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (143,'Recreate Session','SESSION_RECREATE','False','Recreate the session to generate a new session ID when the customer logs on or creates an account (PHP >=4.1 needed).','15','7',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'),');
1546  # osCMax added
1547  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (144,'PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS use WYSIWYG HTMLAREA?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_DISABLE','Enable','Enable/Disable WYSIWYG box','25','0',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Enable\', \'Disable\'),');
1548  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (145,'Product Description Basic/Advanced Version?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_BASIC_PD','Advanced','Basic Features FASTER<br>Advanced Features SLOWER','25','10',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Basic\', \'Advanced\'),');
1549  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (146,'Product Description Layout Width','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_WIDTH','505','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 505)','25','15',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1550  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (147,'Product Description Layout Height','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_HEIGHT','240','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 240)','25','19',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1551  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (148,'CUSTOMER EMAILS use WYSIWYG HTMLAREA?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_DISABLE_EMAIL','Enable','Use WYSIWYG Area in Email Customers','25','20',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Enable\', \'Disable\'),');
1552  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (149,'Customer Email Basic/Advanced Version?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_BASIC_EMAIL','Advanced','Basic Features FASTER<br>Advanced Features SLOWER','25','21',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Basic\', \'Advanced\'),');
1553  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (150,'Customer Email Layout Width','EMAIL_AREA_WYSIWYG_WIDTH','505','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 505)','25','25',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1554  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (151,'Customer Email Layout Height','EMAIL_AREA_WYSIWYG_HEIGHT','140','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 140)','25','29',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1555  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (152,'NEWSLETTER EMAILS use WYSIWYG HTMLAREA?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_DISABLE_NEWSLETTER','Enable','Use WYSIWYG Area in Email Newsletter','25','30',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Enable\', \'Disable\'),');
1556  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (153,'Newsletter Email Basic/Advanced Version?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_BASIC_NEWSLETTER','Advanced','Basic Features FASTER<br>Advanced Features SLOWER','25','32',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Basic\', \'Advanced\'),');
1557  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (154,'Newsletter Email Layout Width','NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_WYSIWYG_WIDTH','505','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 505)','25','35',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1558  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (155,'Newsletter Email Layout Height','NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_WYSIWYG_HEIGHT','140','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 140)','25','39',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1559  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (156,'DEFINE MAINPAGE use WYSIWYG HTMLAREA?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_DISABLE_DEFINE','Enable','Use WYSIWYG Area in Define Mainpage','25','40',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Enable\', \'Disable\'),');
1560  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (157,'Define Mainpage Basic/Advanced Version?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_BASIC_DEFINE','Advanced','Basic Features FASTER<br>Advanced Features SLOWER','25','41',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Basic\', \'Advanced\'),');
1561  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (158,'Define Mainpage Layout Width','DEFINE_MAINPAGE_WYSIWYG_WIDTH','605','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 505)','25','42',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1562  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (159,'Define Mainpage Layout Height','DEFINE_MAINPAGE_WYSIWYG_HEIGHT','300','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 140)','25','43',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1563  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (160,'GLOBAL - User Interface Font Type','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_FONT_TYPE','Verdana','User Interface Font Type<br>(not saved to product description)','25','45',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Arial\', \'Courier New\', \'Georgia\', \'Impact\', \'Tahoma\', \'Times New Roman\', \'Verdana\', \'Wingdings\'),');
1564  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (161,'GLOBAL - User Interface Font Size','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_FONT_SIZE','12','User Interface Font Size (not saved to product description)<p><b>10 Equals 10 pt','25','50',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\\\'8\\\', \\\'10\\\', \\\'12\\\', \\\'14\\\', \\\'18\\\', \\\'24\\\', \\\'36\\\'),');
1565  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (162,'GLOBAL - User Interface Font Colour','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_FONT_COLOUR','Black','White, Black, C0C0C0, Red, FFFFFF, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gray, 000000, ect..<br>basically any colour or HTML colour code!<br>(not saved to product description)','25','55',NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1566  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (163,'GLOBAL - User Interface Background Colour','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_BG_COLOUR','White','White, Black, C0C0C0, Red, FFFFFF, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gray, 000000, ect..<br>basically any colour or html colour code!<br>(not saved to product description)','25','60',NULL,now(),NULL, '');
1567  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (164,'GLOBAL - ALLOW DEBUG MODE?','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_DEBUG','0','Moniter Live-html, It updates as you type in a 2nd field above it.<p>Disable Debug = 0<br>Enable Debug = 1<br>Default = 0 OFF','25','65',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'0\', \'1\'),');
1568  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (178,'Display Total','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the Discount Coupon value?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1569  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (179,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_SORT_ORDER','9','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1570  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (180,'Include Shipping','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_INC_SHIPPING','true','Include Shipping in calculation','6','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1571  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (181,'Include Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_INC_TAX','false','Include Tax in calculation.','6','6',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1572  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (182,'Re-calculate Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_CALC_TAX','None','Re-Calculate Tax','6','7',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\', \'Standard\', \'Credit Note\'),');
1573  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (183,'Tax Class','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_TAX_CLASS','0','Use the following tax class when treating Discount Coupon as Credit Note.','6','0',NULL,now(),'tep_get_tax_class_title','tep_cfg_pull_down_tax_classes(');
1574  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (184,'Display Total','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the Gift Voucher value?','6','1',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1575  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (185,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_SORT_ORDER','740','Sort order of display.','6','2',NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1576  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (186,'Queue Purchases','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_QUEUE','true','Do you want to queue purchases of the Gift Voucher?','6','3',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1577  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (187,'Include Shipping','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_INC_SHIPPING','true','Include Shipping in calculation','6','5',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1578  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (188,'Include Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_INC_TAX','false','Include Tax in calculation.','6','6',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1579  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (189,'Re-calculate Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_CALC_TAX','None','Re-Calculate Tax','6','7',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\', \'Standard\', \'Credit Note\'),');
1580  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (190,'Tax Class','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_TAX_CLASS','0','Use the following tax class when treating Gift Voucher as Credit Note.','6','0',NULL,now(),'tep_get_tax_class_title','tep_cfg_pull_down_tax_classes(');
1581  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (191,'Credit including Tax','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_CREDIT_TAX','false','Add tax to purchased Gift Voucher when crediting to Account','6','8',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1582  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (192,'Allow Category Descriptions','ALLOW_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTIONS','true','Allow use of full text descriptions for categories','1','19',NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1584  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (593,'Prevent Adding Out of Stock to Cart','PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_NO_ADD_OUT_OF_STOCK','True','Prevents adding an out of stock attribute combination to the cart.',50,40,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1585  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (592,'Display Out of Stock Message Line','PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_OUT_OF_STOCK_MSGLINE','False','Controls the display of a message line indicating an out of stock attributes is selected.',50,30,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1586  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (591,'Mark Out of Stock Attributes','PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_MARK_OUT_OF_STOCK','Right','Controls how out of stock attributes are marked as out of stock.',50,20,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\',\'Right\',\'Left\'),');
1587  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (590,'Show Out of Stock Attributes','PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_SHOW_OUT_OF_STOCK','True','Controls the display of out of stock attributes.',50,'10',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1588  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (589,'Product Info Attribute Display Plugin','PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_PLUGIN','multiple_dropdowns','The plugin used for displaying attributes on the product information page.',50,'1',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_pull_down_class_files(\'pad_\',');
1590  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (504,'Big Image Types','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_BIG_IMAGE_TYPES','jpg,gif,jpeg,tiff,png,bmp','The types (extensions) of big images you use,seperated by commas.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1591  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (503,'Thumbnail Image Types','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_THUMB_IMAGE_TYPES','jpg,gif,jpeg,tiff,png,bmp','The types (extensions) of extra thumbnails you use,seperated by commas.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1592  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (499,'Big Images Directory','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_BIGIMAGES_DIR','images_big/','The directory inside catalog/images where your big images are stored.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1593  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (500,'Thumbnail Images Directory','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_THUMBS_DIR','thumbs/','The directory inside catalog/images where you extra image thumbs are stored.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1594  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (501,'Main Thumbnail In "Thumbnail Images Directory"','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_MAINTHUMB_IN_THUMBS_DIR','false','If you store your product\'s main thumbnail in the "Thumbnail Images Directory" set this to true.  If it is in the main image directory (uploaded via osCommerce admin),set it false.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1595  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (502,'Extra Image Pattern','DYNAMIC_MOPICS_PATTERN','imagebase_{1}','Your custom defined pattern for extra images.  imagebase is the base of the main thumbnail.  Place the counting method between brackets {}.  Current counting methods can be 1,a,or A.  See readme for more information.',45,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1597  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (458,'Template Switching Allowed','TEMPLATE_SWITCHING_ALLOWED','false','Allow template switching through the url (for easy new template testing).',1,22,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1598  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (457,'Default Template Directory','DIR_WS_TEMPLATES_DEFAULT','fallback','Subdirectory (in templates/) where the template files are stored which should be loaded by default.',1,22,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1599  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (231,'Enable Display a Dhtml menu','DISPLAY_DHTML_MENU','Default','Do you want to display a DHTML menu instead of the default text based?',1,19,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Default\',\'Dhtml\',\'CoolMenu\'),');
1601  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (358,'Downloads Controller Update Status Value','DOWNLOADS_ORDERS_STATUS_UPDATED_VALUE','100000','What orders_status resets the Download days and Max Downloads - Default is 4',13,90,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1602  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (359,'Downloads Controller Download on hold message','DOWNLOADS_CONTROLLER_ON_HOLD_MSG','<BR><font color="FF0000">NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed</font>','Downloads Controller Download on hold message',13,91,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1603  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (360,'Downloads Controller Order Status Value','DOWNLOADS_CONTROLLER_ORDERS_STATUS','2','Downloads Controller Order Status Value - Default=2',13,92,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1605  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (740,'Printable Catalog-Categories column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_CATEGORIES','show','Do you want to display the Categories column?',30,11,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1606  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (739,'Printable Catalog-Description column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_DESCRIPTION','hide','Do you want to display the Products Description column?',30,10,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1607  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (738,'Printable Catalog-Manufacturers column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_MANUFACTURERS','hide','Do you want to display the Manufacturers column?',30,9,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1608  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (737,'Printable Catalog-Name column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_NAME','show','Do you want to display the Name column?',30,8,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1609  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (736,'Printable Catalog-Options column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_OPTIONS','hide','Do you want to display the Options colum?',30,7,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1610  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (735,'Printable Catalog-Image column in full catalog link','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_IMAGE_FULL','hide','Do you want to display the Image column in the Full Catalog Script?(hide image for faster page loads on full catalog)',30,6,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1611  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (734,'Printable Catalog-Image column in standard link','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_IMAGE','show','Do you want to display the Image column?',30,5,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1612  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (733,'Printable Catalog-Length of the Description Text','PRODUCT_LIST_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH','400','How many characters in the description to display?',30,4,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1613  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (732,'Printable Catalog-Results Per Page','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_PERPAGE','10','How many products do you want to list per page?',30,3,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1614  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (731,'Printable Catalog-Number of Page Breaks Displayed','PRODUCT_LIST_PAGEBREAK_NUMBERS_PERPAGE','10','How page breaks numbers to display?',30,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1615  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (730,'Printable Catalog-Customer Discount in Catalog','PRODUCT_LIST_CUSTOMER_DISCOUNT','show','Setting to -show- will display the catalog with a customer discount applied if logged in. It will display pricing without discount if not logged in. (only valid if Members Discount Mod is loaded. Default if Mod not present is -hide-)',30,0,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1617  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (378,'<B>Down for Maintenance: ON/OFF</B>','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE','false','Down for Maintenance <br>(true=on false=off)',16,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1618  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (379,'Down for Maintenance: filename','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_FILENAME','down_for_maintenance.php','Down for Maintenance filename Default=down_for_maintenance.php',16,2,NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1619  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (380,'Down for Maintenance: Hide Header','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_HEADER_OFF','true','Down for Maintenance: Hide Header <br>(true=hide false=show)',16,3,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1620  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (381,'Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Left','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_COLUMN_LEFT_OFF','true','Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Left <br>(true=hide false=show)',16,4,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1621  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (382,'Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Right','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_COLUMN_RIGHT_OFF','true','Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Right <br>(true=hide false=show)r',16,5,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1622  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (383,'Down for Maintenance: Hide Footer','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_FOOTER_OFF','true','Down for Maintenance: Hide Footer <br>(true=hide false=show)',16,6,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1623  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (384,'Down for Maintenance: Hide Prices','DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE_PRICES_OFF','false','Down for Maintenance: Hide Prices <br>(true=hide false=show)',16,7,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1624  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (385,'Down For Maintenance (exclude this IP-Address)','EXCLUDE_ADMIN_IP_FOR_MAINTENANCE','','This IP Address is able to access the website while it is Down For Maintenance (like webmaster)',16,8,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1625  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (386,'NOTIFY PUBLIC Before going Down for Maintenance: ON/OFF','WARN_BEFORE_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE','false','Give a WARNING some time before you put your website Down for Maintenance<br>(true=on false=off)<br>If you set the \'Down For Maintenance: ON/OFF\' to true this will automaticly be updated to false',16,9,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1626  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (387,'Date and hours for notice before maintenance','PERIOD_BEFORE_DOWN_FOR_MAINTENANCE','16/05/2003  between the hours of 2-3 PM','Date and hours for notice before maintenance website,enter date and hours for maintenance website',16,10,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1627  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (388,'Display when webmaster has enabled maintenance','DISPLAY_MAINTENANCE_TIME','true','Display when Webmaster has enabled maintenance <br>(true=on false=off)<br>',16,11,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1628  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (389,'Display website maintenance period','DISPLAY_MAINTENANCE_PERIOD','true','Display Website maintenance period <br>(true=on false=off)<br>',16,12,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1629  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (390,'Website maintenance period','TEXT_MAINTENANCE_PERIOD_TIME','2h00','Enter Website Maintenance period (hh:mm)',16,13,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1631  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (456,'Welcome Discount Coupon Code','NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON','','Welcome Discount Coupon Code: if you do not want to send a coupon in your create account email leave blank else place the coupon code you wish to use','1',32,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1632  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (455,'Welcome Gift Voucher Amount','NEW_SIGNUP_GIFT_VOUCHER_AMOUNT','0','Welcome Gift Voucher Amount: If you do not wish to send a Gift Voucher in your create account email put 0 for no amount else if you do place the amount here i.e. 10.00 or 50.00 no currency signs','1',31,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1634  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (505,'Display New Articles Link','DISPLAY_NEW_ARTICLES','false','Display a link to New Articles in the Articles box?',456,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1635  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (506,'Number of Days Display New Articles','NEW_ARTICLES_DAYS_DISPLAY','30','The number of days to display New Articles?',456,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1636  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (507,'Maximum New Articles Per Page','MAX_NEW_ARTICLES_PER_PAGE','10','The maximum number of New Articles to display per page<br>(New Articles page)',456,3,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1637  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (508,'Display All Articles Link','DISPLAY_ALL_ARTICLES','true','Display a link to All Articles in the Articles box?',456,4,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1638  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (509,'Maximum Articles Per Page','MAX_ARTICLES_PER_PAGE','10','The maximum number of Articles to display per page<br>(All Articles and Topic/Author pages)',456,5,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1639  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (510,'Maximum Display Upcoming Articles','MAX_DISPLAY_UPCOMING_ARTICLES','5','Maximum number of articles to display in the Upcoming Articles module',456,6,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1640  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (511,'Enable Article Reviews','ENABLE_ARTICLE_REVIEWS','true','Enable registered users to review articles?',456,7,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1641  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (512,'Enable Tell a Friend About Article','ENABLE_TELL_A_FRIEND_ARTICLE','true','Enable Tell a Friend option in the Article Information page?',456,8,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1642  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (513,'Minimum Number Cross-Sell Products','MIN_DISPLAY_ARTICLES_XSELL','1','Minimum number of products to display in the articles Cross-Sell listing.',456,9,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1643  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (514,'Maximum Number Cross-Sell Products','MAX_DISPLAY_ARTICLES_XSELL','6','Maximum number of products to display in the articles Cross-Sell listing.',456,10,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1644  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (515,'Show Article Counts','SHOW_ARTICLE_COUNTS','true','Count recursively how many articles are in each topic',456,11,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1645  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (516,'Maximum Length of Author Name','MAX_DISPLAY_AUTHOR_NAME_LEN','20','The maximum length of the author\'s name for display in the Author box',456,12,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1646  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (517,'Authors List Style','MAX_DISPLAY_AUTHORS_IN_A_LIST','1','Used in Authors box. When the number of authors exceeds this number,a drop-down list will be displayed instead of the default list',456,13,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1647  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (518,'Authors Select Box Size','MAX_AUTHORS_LIST','1','Used in Authors box. When this value is 1 the classic drop-down list will be used for the authors box. Otherwise,a list-box with the specified number of rows will be displayed.',456,14,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1648  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (519,'Display Author in Article Listing','DISPLAY_AUTHOR_ARTICLE_LISTING','true','Display the Author in the Article Listing?',456,15,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1649  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (520,'Display Topic in Article Listing','DISPLAY_TOPIC_ARTICLE_LISTING','true','Display the Topic in the Article Listing?',456,16,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1650  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (521,'Display Abstract in Article Listing','DISPLAY_ABSTRACT_ARTICLE_LISTING','true','Display the Abstract in the Article Listing?',456,17,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1651  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (522,'Display Date Added in Article Listing','DISPLAY_DATE_ADDED_ARTICLE_LISTING','true','Display the Date Added in the Article Listing?',456,18,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1652  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (523,'Maximum Article Abstract Length','MAX_ARTICLE_ABSTRACT_LENGTH','300','Sets the maximum length of the Article Abstract to be displayed<br><br>(No. of characters)',456,19,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1653  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (524,'Display Topic/Author Filter','ARTICLE_LIST_FILTER','true','Do you want to display the Topic/Author Filter?',456,20,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1654  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (525,'Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar','ARTICLE_PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION','bottom','Sets the location of the Previous/Next Navigation Bar<br><br>(top; bottom; both)',456,21,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'top\',\'bottom\',\'both\'),');
1655  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (526,'Use WYSIWYG HTMLAREA Editor?','ARTICLE_WYSIWYG_ENABLE','Enable','Use WYSIWYG Editor in Articles and Topic/Author Descriptions?',456,22,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Enable\',\'Disable\'),');
1656  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (527,'WYSIWYG Editor Basic/Advanced Version?','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_BASIC','Advanced','Basic Features FASTER<br>Advanced Features SLOWER',456,23,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Basic\',\'Advanced\'),');
1657  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (528,'WYSIWYG Editor Layout Width','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_WIDTH','605','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 605)',456,24,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1658  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (529,'WYSIWYG Editor Layout Height','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_HEIGHT','300','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 300)',456,25,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1659  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (530,'WYSIWYG Editor Font Type','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_FONT_TYPE','Times New Roman','User Interface Font Type<br>(not saved to content)',456,26,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Arial\',\'Courier New\',\'Georgia\',\'Impact\',\'Tahoma\',\'Times New Roman\',\'Verdana\',\'Wingdings\'),');
1660  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (531,'WYSIWYG Editor Font Size','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_FONT_SIZE','12','User Interface Font Size<br>(not saved to content)<p><b>10 Equals 10 pt',456,27,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\\''8\\'',\\''10\\'',\\''12\\'',\\''14\\'',\\''18\\'',\\''24\\'',\\''36\\''),');
1661  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (532,'WYSIWYG Editor Font Colour','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_FONT_COLOUR','Black','White,Black,C0C0C0,Red,FFFFFF,Yellow,Pink,Blue,Gray,000000,etc...<br>basically any colour or HTML colour code!<br>(not saved to content)',456,28,NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1662  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (533,'WYSIWYG Editor Background Colour','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_BG_COLOUR','White','White,Black,C0C0C0,Red,FFFFFF,Yellow,Pink,Blue,Gray,000000,etc...<br>basically any colour or html colour code!<br>(not saved to content)',456,29,NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1663  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (534,'WYSIWYG Editor Allow Debug Mode?','ARTICLE_MANAGER_WYSIWYG_DEBUG','0','Monitor Live-html,It updates as you type in a 2nd field above it.<p>Disable Debug = 0<br>Enable Debug = 1<br>Default = 0 OFF',456,30,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'0\',\'1\'),');
1665  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (391,'Down For Maintenance Start Time','TEXT_DATE_TIME','2008-05-03 14:23:52','Show when down for maintenance',16,14,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1666  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (700,'Number of Columns for product listings','PRODUCT_LIST_NUM_COLUMNS','4','How many prodcuts per row do you want to display on your product listing page?',8,14,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1667  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (701,'Minimum X-Sell products Listed','MIN_DISPLAY_XSELL','1','How many x-sell products per page',8,20,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1668  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (652,'Max Wish List Box','MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_BOX','4','How many wish list items to display in the infobox before it changes to a counter',3,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1669  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (651,'Max Wish List','MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS','12','How many wish list items to show per page on the main wishlist.php file',3,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1670  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (650,'Product Display Type (Default = 0 or Columns = 1)','PRODUCT_LIST_TYPE','1','Do you want to display products one per row or multiple columns per row?',8,10,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1672  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (645,'Tax Class','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_TAX_CLASS','0','Use the following tax class on the low order fee.',6,7,NULL,now(),'tep_get_tax_class_title','tep_cfg_pull_down_tax_classes(');
1673  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (644,'Attach Low Order Fee On Orders Made','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_DESTINATION','both','Attach low order fee for orders sent to the set destination.',6,6,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'national\',\'international\',\'both\'),');
1674  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (643,'Order Fee','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_FEE','5','Low order fee.',6,5,NULL,now(),'currencies->format',NULL);
1675  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (642,'Order Fee For Orders Under','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_ORDER_UNDER','50','Add the low order fee to orders under this amount.',6,4,NULL,now(),'currencies->format',NULL);
1676  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (641,'Allow Low Order Fee','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_LOW_ORDER_FEE','false','Do you want to allow low order fees?',6,3,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1677  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (640,'Sort Order','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_SORT_ORDER','5','Sort order of display.',6,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1678  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (639,'Display Low Order Fee','MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_LOWORDERFEE_STATUS','true','Do you want to display the low order fee?',6,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1679  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (638,'Order Status','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_ORDER_STATUS','3','Set the minimum order status for an order to add it to the total amount ordered',6,8,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1680  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (637,'Discount Percentage','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_TABLE','1000:5,1500:7.5,2000:10,3000:12.5,5000:15','Set the cumulative order total breaks per period set above,and discount percentages',6,7,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1681  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (635,'Calculate Tax','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_CALC_TAX','false','Re-calculate Tax on discounted amount.',6,5,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1682  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (636,'Cumulative order total period','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_CUMORDER_PERIOD','year','Set the period over which to calculate cumulative order total.',6,6,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'alltime\',\'year\',\'quarter\',\'month\'),');
1683  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (634,'Include Tax','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_INC_TAX','true','Include Tax in calculation.',6,4,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1684  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (633,'Include Shipping','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_INC_SHIPPING','true','Include Shipping in calculation',6,3,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1685  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (632,'Sort Order','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_SORT_ORDER','4','Sort order of display.',6,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1686  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (631,'Display Total','MODULE_LOYALTY_DISCOUNT_STATUS','true','Do you want to enable the Order Discount?',6,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1687  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (601,'Merchant Notifications','MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_EMAIL_MERCHANT','True','Should Authorize.Net e-mail a receipt to the store owner?',6,0,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1688  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (747,'Printable Catalog-Show the Date?','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_DATE_SHOW','hide','Do you want to display the Product Date Added (only valid if Display Printable Catalog Date column is set to -show-)',30,'18',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1689  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (748,'Printable Catalog-Show Currency?','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_CURRENCY','hide','Do you want to display the Currency Pull Down',30,19,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1690  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (746,'Printable Catalog-Date column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_DATE','hide','Do you want to display the Product Date Added column?',30,17,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1691  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (744,'Printable Catalog-Weight column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_WEIGHT','hide','Do you want to display the Weight column?',30,15,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1692  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (745,'Printable Catalog-Price column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_PRICE','show','Do you want to display the Price column?',30,16,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1693  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (742,'Printable Catalog-UPC column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_UPC','hide','Do you want to display the UPC column? (only valid if Members Discount Mod is loaded Default if not present is -hide-)',30,13,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1694  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (743,'Printable Catalog-Quantity column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_QUANTITY','hide','Do you want to display the Quantity column?',30,14,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1695  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (741,'Printable Catalog-Model column','PRODUCT_LIST_CATALOG_MODEL','show','Do you want to display the Model column?',30,12,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'show\',\'hide\'),');
1697  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (774,'Enable Page Cache','ENABLE_PAGE_CACHE','false','Enable the page cache features to reduce server load and faster page renders?<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1698  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (775,'Cache Lifetime','PAGE_CACHE_LIFETIME','5','How long to cache the pages (in minutes) ?<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1699  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (776,'Turn on Debug Mode?','PAGE_CACHE_DEBUG_MODE','false','Turn on the global debug output (located at the footer) ? This affects ALL browsers and is NOT for live shops!  YOu can turn on debug mode JUST for your browser by adding "?debug=1" to your URL.<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,'3',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1700  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (777,'Disable URL Parameters?','PAGE_CACHE_DISABLE_PARAMETERS','false','In some cases (such as search engine safe URL\'s) or large number of affiliate referrals will cause excessive page writing.<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,4,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1701  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (778,'Delete Cache Files?','PAGE_CACHE_DELETE_FILES','true','If set to true the next catalog page request will delete all the cache files and then reset this value to false again.<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,5,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1702  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (779,'Config Cache Update File?','PAGE_CACHE_UPDATE_CONFIG_FILES','none','If you have a configuration cache contribution enter the FULL path to the update file.<br><br>Contribution by: <b>Chemo</b>',55,6,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1704  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1469, 'Enable SEO URLs?', 'SEO_ENABLED', 'false', 'Enable the SEO URLs?  This is a global setting and will turn them off completely.', 60, 0, '2009-02-25 22:59:02', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1705  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1470, 'Add cPath to product URLs?', 'SEO_ADD_CPATH_TO_PRODUCT_URLS', 'false', 'This setting will append the cPath to the end of product URLs (i.e. - some-product-p-1.html?cPath=xx).', 60, 1, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1706  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1471, 'Add category parent to begining of URLs?', 'SEO_ADD_CAT_PARENT', 'false', 'This setting will add the category parent name to the beginning of the category URLs (i.e. - parent-category-c-1.html).', 60, 2, '2009-02-25 22:59:09', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1707  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1472, 'Filter Short Words', 'SEO_URLS_FILTER_SHORT_WORDS', '3', 'This setting will filter words less than or equal to the value from the URL.', 60, 3, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, NULL);
1708  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1473, 'Output W3C valid URLs (parameter string)?', 'SEO_URLS_USE_W3C_VALID', 'false', 'This setting will output W3C valid URLs.', 60, 4, '2009-02-25 22:59:15', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1709  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1474, 'Enable SEO cache to save queries?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_GLOBAL', 'false', 'This is a global setting and will turn off caching completely.', 60, 5, '2009-02-25 22:59:22', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1710  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1475, 'Enable product cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_PRODUCTS', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the products.', 60, 6, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1711  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1476, 'Enable categories cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_CATEGORIES', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the categories.', 60, 7, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1712  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1477, 'Enable manufacturers cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_MANUFACTURERS', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the manufacturers.', 60, 8, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1713  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1478, 'Enable articles cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_ARTICLES', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the articles.', 60, 9, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1714  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1479, 'Enable topics cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_TOPICS', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the article topics.', 60, 10, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1715  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1480, 'Enable information cache?', 'USE_SEO_CACHE_INFO_PAGES', 'true', 'This will turn off caching for the information pages.', 60, 11, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1716  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1481, 'Enable automatic redirects?', 'USE_SEO_REDIRECT', 'false', 'This will activate the automatic redirect code and send 301 headers for old to new URLs.', 60, 12, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1717  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1482, 'Choose URL Rewrite Type', 'SEO_REWRITE_TYPE', 'Rewrite', 'Choose which SEO URL format to use.', 60, 13, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''Rewrite''),');
1718  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1483, 'Enter special character conversions', 'SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET', '', 'This setting will convert characters.<br><br>The format <b>MUST</b> be in the form: <b>char=>conv,char2=>conv2</b>', 60, 14, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, NULL);
1719  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1484, 'Remove all non-alphanumeric characters?', 'SEO_REMOVE_ALL_SPEC_CHARS', 'false', 'This will remove all non-letters and non-numbers.  This should be handy to remove all special characters with 1 setting.', 60, 15, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1720  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1485, 'Reset SEO URLs Cache', 'SEO_URLS_CACHE_RESET', 'false', 'This will reset the cache data for SEO', 60, 16, '2009-02-25 22:57:59', '2009-02-25 22:57:59', 'tep_reset_cache_data_seo_urls', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''reset'', ''false''),');
1721  INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(1486, 'Enable Seo URL validation?', 'FWR_VALIDATION_ON', 'false', 'Enable the SEO URL validation?', 75, 1, NULL, '2009-02-25 22:57:25', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1722  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1073,'Move tax to total amount','MOVE_TAX_TO_TOTAL_AMOUNT','True','Do you want to move the tax to the total amount? If true PayPal will allways show the total amount including tax. (needs Aggregate i.s.o. Per Item to function)',6,4,NULL,now(),NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'), ');
1723  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (498,'Purchase Without Account','PWA_ON','true','Allow Customers to purchase without an account',40,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1725  # New RC4 entires
1726  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1202,'Admin Editor Default Width','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_EDITOR_WIDTH','550','How WIDE should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 550)',25,66,NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1727  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1203,'Admin Editor Default Height','HTML_AREA_WYSIWYG_EDITOR_HEIGHT','300','How HIGH should the HTMLAREA be in pixels (default: 300)',25,67,NULL,now(),NULL,'');
1728  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1204,'E-Mail Address','AFFILIATE_EMAIL_ADDRESS','<[email protected]>','The E Mail Address for the Affiliate Program',35,1,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1729  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1205,'Affiliate Pay Per Sale Payment % Rate','AFFILIATE_PERCENT','10.0000','Percentage Rate for the Affiliate Program',35,2,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1730  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1206,'Payment Threshold','AFFILIATE_THRESHOLD','50.00','Payment Threshold for paying affiliates',35,3,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1731  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1207,'Cookie Lifetime','AFFILIATE_COOKIE_LIFETIME','7200','How long does the click count (seconds) if customer comes back',35,4,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1732  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1208,'Billing Time','AFFILIATE_BILLING_TIME','30','Orders billed must be at least "30" days old.<br>This is needed if a order is refunded',35,5,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1733  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1209,'Order Min Status','AFFILIATE_PAYMENT_ORDER_MIN_STATUS','3','The status an order must have at least,to be billed',35,6,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1734  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1210,'Pay Affiliates with check','AFFILIATE_USE_CHECK','true','Pay Affiliates with check',35,7,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1735  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1211,'Pay Affiliates with PayPal','AFFILIATE_USE_PAYPAL','true','Pay Affiliates with PayPal',35,8,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1736  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1212,'Pay Affiliates by Bank','AFFILIATE_USE_BANK','true','Pay Affiliates by Bank',35,9,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1737  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1213,'Individual Affiliate Percentage','AFFILATE_INDIVIDUAL_PERCENTAGE','true','Allow per Affiliate provision',35,10,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1738  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1214,'Use Affiliate-tier','AFFILATE_USE_TIER','false','Multilevel Affiliate provisions',35,11,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1739  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1215,'Number of Tierlevels','AFFILIATE_TIER_LEVELS','0','Number of Tierlevels',35,12,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1740  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1216,'Percentage Rate for the Tierlevels','AFFILIATE_TIER_PERCENTAGE','8.00;5.00;1.00','Percent Rates for the tierlevels<br>Example: 8.00;5.00;1.00',35,13,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1741  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1217,'Affiliate News','MAX_DISPLAY_AFFILIATE_NEWS','3','Maximum number of items to display on the Affiliate News page',35,14,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1742  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1291,'Max Wish List','MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS','12','How many wish list items to show per page on the main wishlist.php file',65,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1743  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1292,'Max Wish List Box','MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_BOX','4','How many wish list items to display in the infobox before it changes to a counter',65,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1744  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1293,'Display Emails','DISPLAY_WISHLIST_EMAILS','10','How many emails to display when the customer emails their wishlist link',65,0,NULL,now(),NULL,NULL);
1745  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1294,'Wishlist Redirect','WISHLIST_REDIRECT','No','Do you want to redirect back to the product_info.php page when a customer adds a product to their wishlist?',65,0,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Yes\',\'No\'),');
1746  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1304,'Display the Payment Method dropdown?','ORDER_EDITOR_PAYMENT_DROPDOWN','true','Based on this selection Order Editor will display the payment method as a dropdown menu (true) or as an input field (false).',70,1,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1747  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1305,'Use prices from Separate Pricing Per Customer?','ORDER_EDITOR_USE_SPPC','false','Leave this set at false unless SPPC is installed.',70,3,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1748  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1306,'Allow the use of AJAX to update order information?','ORDER_EDITOR_USE_AJAX','true','This must be set to false if using a browser on which JavaScript is disabled or not available.',70,4,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'),');
1749  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1307,'Select your credit card payment method','ORDER_EDITOR_CREDIT_CARD','Credit Card','Order Editor will display the credit card fields when this payment method is selected.',70,5,NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_pull_down_payment_methods(');
1750  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1449,'Purchase without account','PURCHASE_WITHOUT_ACCOUNT','yes','Do you allow customers to purchase without an account?',5,'10',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'yes\',\'no\'),');
1751  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1450,'Purchase without account shipping address','PURCHASE_WITHOUT_ACCOUNT_SEPARATE_SHIPPING','yes','Do you allow customers without account to create separately shipping address?',5,'11',NULL,now(),NULL,'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'yes\',\'no\'),');
1752  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1487, 'Dimensions Support', 'SHIPPING_DIMENSIONS_SUPPORT', 'No', 'Do you use the additional dimensions support (read dimensions.txt in the UPSXML package)?', 7, 6, NULL, '2009-03-07 13:49:41', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''No'', ''Ready-to-ship only'', ''With product dimensions''), ');
1753  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1488, 'Unit Weight', 'SHIPPING_UNIT_WEIGHT', 'LBS', 'By what unit are your packages weighed?', 7, 7, NULL, '2009-03-07 13:49:41', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''LBS'', ''KGS''), ');
1754  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1489, 'Unit Length', 'SHIPPING_UNIT_LENGTH', 'IN', 'By what unit are your packages sized?', 7, 8, NULL, '2009-03-07 13:49:41', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''IN'', ''CM''), ');
1755  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1490, 'Store result of packing routines', 'SHIPPING_STORE_BOXES_USED', 'false', 'Do you want to store the results of the packing routines in the database? See file store_ups_boxes_used.txt in UPSXML package for details and modifications needed.', 7, 9, NULL, '2009-03-07 13:49:41', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''), ');
1756  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1491, 'Look back days', 'RCS_BASE_DAYS', '30', 'Number of days to look back from today for abandoned carts.', 80, 10, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1757  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1492, 'Skip days', 'RCS_SKIP_DAYS', '5', 'Number of days to skip when looking for abandoned carts.', 80, 11, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1758  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1493, 'Sales Results Report days', 'RCS_REPORT_DAYS', '90', 'Number of days the sales results report takes into account. The more days the longer the SQL queries!.', 80, 15, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1759  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1494, 'Use Calculated taxes', 'RCS_INCLUDE_TAX_IN_PRICES', 'false', 'Try to calculate the tax when determining prices. This may not be 100% correct as determing location being shopped from, etc. may be incorrect.', 80, 16, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1760  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1495, 'Use Fixed tax rate', 'RCS_USE_FIXED_TAX_IN_PRICES', 'false', 'Use a fixed tax rate when determining prices (rate set below). Overridden if ''Use Calculated taxes'' is true.', 80, 17, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1761  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1496, 'Fixed Tax Rate', 'RCS_FIXED_TAX_RATE', '10.00', 'The fixed tax rate for use when ''Use Fixed tax rate'' is true and ''Use Calculated taxes'' is false.<br><br>Use decimal values, ie: 8.50 for 8 1/2%', 80, 18, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1762  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1497, 'E-Mail time to live', 'RCS_EMAIL_TTL', '90', 'Number of days to give for emails before they no longer show as being sent', 80, 20, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1763  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1498, 'Friendly E-Mails', 'RCS_EMAIL_FRIENDLY', 'true', 'If <b>true</b> then the customer''s name will be used in the greeting. If <b>false</b> then a generic greeting will be used.', 80, 30, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1764  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1499, 'E-Mail Copies to', 'RCS_EMAIL_COPIES_TO', '', 'If you want copies of emails that are sent to customers by this contribution, enter the email address here. If empty no copies are sent', 80, 35, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1765  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1500, 'Show Attributes', 'RCS_SHOW_ATTRIBUTES', 'false', 'Controls display of item attributes.<br><br>Some sites have attributes for their items.<br><br>Set this to <b>true</b> if yours does and you want to show them, otherwise set to <b>false</b>.', 80, 40, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1766  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1501, 'Ignore Customers with Sessions', 'RCS_CHECK_SESSIONS', 'false', 'If you want the tool to ignore customers with an active session (ie, probably still shopping) set this to <b>true</b>.<br><br>Setting this to <b>false</b> will operate in the default manner of ignoring session data & using less resources.', 80, 40, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1767  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1502, 'Current Customer Color', 'RCS_CURCUST_COLOR', '0000FF', 'Color for the word/phrase used to notate a current customer<br><br>A current customer is someone who has purchased items from your store in the past.', 80, 50, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1768  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1503, 'Uncontacted hilight color', 'RCS_UNCONTACTED_COLOR', '9FFF9F', 'Row highlight color for uncontacted customers.<br><br>An uncontacted customer is one that you have <i>not</i> used this tool to send an email to before.', 80, 60, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1769  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1504, 'Contacted hilight color', 'RCS_CONTACTED_COLOR', 'FF9F9F', 'Row highlight color for contacted customers.<br><br>An contacted customer is one that you <i>have</i> used this tool to send an email to before.', 80, 70, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1770  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1505, 'Matching Order Hilight', 'RCS_MATCHED_ORDER_COLOR', '9FFFFF', 'Row highlight color for entrees that may have a matching order.<br><br>An entry will be marked with this color if an order contains one or more of an item in the abandoned cart <b>and</b> matches either the cart''s customer email address or database ID.', 80, 72, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1771  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1506, 'Skip Carts w/Matched Orders', 'RCS_SKIP_MATCHED_CARTS', 'true', 'To ignore carts with an a matching order set this to <b>true</b>.<br><br>Setting this to <b>false</b> will cause entries with a matching order to show, along with the matching order''s status.<br><br>See documentation for details.', 80, 80, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1772  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1507, 'Autocheck "safe" carts to email', 'RCS_AUTO_CHECK', 'true', 'To check entries which are most likely safe to email (ie, not existing customers, not previously emailed, etc.) set this to <b>true</b>.<br><br>Setting this to <b>false</b> will leave all entries unchecked (must manually check entries to send an email to)', 80, 82, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1773  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1508, 'Match orders from any date', 'RCS_CARTS_MATCH_ALL_DATES', 'true', 'If <b>true</b> then any order found with a matching item will be considered a matched order.<br><br>If <b>false</b> only orders placed after the abandoned cart are considered.', 80, 84, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(''true'', ''false''),');
1774  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1509, 'Lowest Pending sales status', 'RCS_PENDING_SALE_STATUS', '1', 'The highest value that an order can have and still be considered pending. Any value higher than this will be considered by RCS as sale which completed.<br><br>See documentation for details.', 80, 85, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', 'tep_get_order_status_name', 'tep_cfg_pull_down_order_statuses(');
1775  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1510, 'Report Even Row Style', 'RCS_REPORT_EVEN_STYLE', 'dataTableRow', 'Style for even rows in results report. Typical options are <i>dataTableRow</i> and <i>attributes-even</i>.', 80, 90, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1776  INSERT INTO configuration VALUES (1511, 'Report Odd Row Style', 'RCS_REPORT_ODD_STYLE', '', 'Style for odd rows in results report. Typical options are NULL (ie, no entry) and <i>attributes-odd</i>.', 80, 92, NULL, '2009-03-07 22:31:53', '', '');
1780  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (1,'My Store','General information about my store',1,1);
1781  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (2,'Minimum Values','The minimum values for functions / data',2,1);
1782  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (3,'Maximum Values','The maximum values for functions / data',3,1);
1783  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (4,'Images','Image parameters',4,1);
1784  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (5,'Customer Details','Customer account configuration',5,1);
1785  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (6,'Module Options','Hidden from configuration',6,0);
1786  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (7,'Shipping/Packaging','Shipping options available at my store',7,1);
1787  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (8,'Product Listing','Product Listing    configuration options',8,1);
1788  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (9,'Stock','Stock configuration options',9,1);
1789  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (10,'Logging','Logging configuration options',10,1);
1790  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (11,'Cache','Caching configuration options',11,1);
1791  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (12,'E-Mail Options','General setting for E-Mail transport and HTML E-Mails',12,1);
1792  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (13,'Download','Downloadable products options',13,1);
1793  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (14,'GZip Compression','GZip compression options',14,1);
1794  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (15,'Sessions','Session options',15,1);
1795  # osCMax added....
1796  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (16,'Site Maintenance','Site Maintenance Options',16,1);
1797  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (25,'WYSIWYG Editor','HTMLArea Options',15,1);
1798  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (30,'Printable Catalog','Options for Printable Catalog',30,1);
1799  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (35,'Affiliate Program','Options for the Affiliate Program',50,1);
1800  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (40,'Accounts','Configuration of Account settings',40,1);
1801  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (45,'Dynamic MoPics','The options which configure Dynamic MoPics.',45,1);
1802  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (50,'Product Information','Product Information page configuration options',8,1);
1803  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (55,'Page Cache Settings','Settings for the page cache contribution', 20,1);
1804  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (60,'SEO URLs','Options for Ultimate SEO URLs by Chemo', 902,1);
1805  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (65,'Wish List Settings','Settings for your Wish List', 25,1);
1806  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (70,'Order Editor','Configuration options for Order Editor', 903,1);
1807  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (75,'SEO URL Validation','Validation For Ultimate SEO URLs', 950,1);
1808  INSERT INTO configuration_group VALUES (80, 'Recover Cart Sales', 'Recover Cart Sales (RCS) Configuration Values', 55, 1);
1811  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (1,'Afghanistan','AF','AFG','1');
1812  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (2,'Albania','AL','ALB','1');
1813  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (3,'Algeria','DZ','DZA','1');
1814  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (4,'American Samoa','AS','ASM','1');
1815  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (5,'Andorra','AD','AND','1');
1816  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (6,'Angola','AO','AGO','1');
1817  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (7,'Anguilla','AI','AIA','1');
1818  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (8,'Antarctica','AQ','ATA','1');
1819  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (9,'Antigua and Barbuda','AG','ATG','1');
1820  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (10,'Argentina','AR','ARG','1');
1821  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (11,'Armenia','AM','ARM','1');
1822  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (12,'Aruba','AW','ABW','1');
1823  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (13,'Australia','AU','AUS','1');
1824  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (14,'Austria','AT','AUT','5');
1825  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (15,'Azerbaijan','AZ','AZE','1');
1826  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (16,'Bahamas','BS','BHS','1');
1827  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (17,'Bahrain','BH','BHR','1');
1828  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (18,'Bangladesh','BD','BGD','1');
1829  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (19,'Barbados','BB','BRB','1');
1830  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (20,'Belarus','BY','BLR','1');
1831  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (21,'Belgium','BE','BEL','1');
1832  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (22,'Belize','BZ','BLZ','1');
1833  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (23,'Benin','BJ','BEN','1');
1834  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (24,'Bermuda','BM','BMU','1');
1835  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (25,'Bhutan','BT','BTN','1');
1836  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (26,'Bolivia','BO','BOL','1');
1837  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (27,'Bosnia and Herzegowina','BA','BIH','1');
1838  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (28,'Botswana','BW','BWA','1');
1839  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (29,'Bouvet Island','BV','BVT','1');
1840  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (30,'Brazil','BR','BRA','1');
1841  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (31,'British Indian Ocean Territory','IO','IOT','1');
1842  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (32,'Brunei Darussalam','BN','BRN','1');
1843  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (33,'Bulgaria','BG','BGR','1');
1844  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (34,'Burkina Faso','BF','BFA','1');
1845  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (35,'Burundi','BI','BDI','1');
1846  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (36,'Cambodia','KH','KHM','1');
1847  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (37,'Cameroon','CM','CMR','1');
1848  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (38,'Canada','CA','CAN','1');
1849  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (39,'Cape Verde','CV','CPV','1');
1850  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (40,'Cayman Islands','KY','CYM','1');
1851  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (41,'Central African Republic','CF','CAF','1');
1852  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (42,'Chad','TD','TCD','1');
1853  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (43,'Chile','CL','CHL','1');
1854  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (44,'China','CN','CHN','1');
1855  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (45,'Christmas Island','CX','CXR','1');
1856  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (46,'Cocos (Keeling) Islands','CC','CCK','1');
1857  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (47,'Colombia','CO','COL','1');
1858  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (48,'Comoros','KM','COM','1');
1859  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (49,'Congo','CG','COG','1');
1860  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (50,'Cook Islands','CK','COK','1');
1861  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (51,'Costa Rica','CR','CRI','1');
1862  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (52,'Cote D\'Ivoire','CI','CIV','1');
1863  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (53,'Croatia','HR','HRV','1');
1864  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (54,'Cuba','CU','CUB','1');
1865  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (55,'Cyprus','CY','CYP','1');
1866  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (56,'Czech Republic','CZ','CZE','1');
1867  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (57,'Denmark','DK','DNK','1');
1868  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (58,'Djibouti','DJ','DJI','1');
1869  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (59,'Dominica','DM','DMA','1');
1870  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (60,'Dominican Republic','DO','DOM','1');
1871  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (61,'East Timor','TP','TMP','1');
1872  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (62,'Ecuador','EC','ECU','1');
1873  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (63,'Egypt','EG','EGY','1');
1874  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (64,'El Salvador','SV','SLV','1');
1875  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (65,'Equatorial Guinea','GQ','GNQ','1');
1876  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (66,'Eritrea','ER','ERI','1');
1877  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (67,'Estonia','EE','EST','1');
1878  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (68,'Ethiopia','ET','ETH','1');
1879  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (69,'Falkland Islands (Malvinas)','FK','FLK','1');
1880  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (70,'Faroe Islands','FO','FRO','1');
1881  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (71,'Fiji','FJ','FJI','1');
1882  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (72,'Finland','FI','FIN','1');
1883  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (73,'France','FR','FRA','1');
1884  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (74,'France, Metropolitan','FX','FXX','1');
1885  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (75,'French Guiana','GF','GUF','1');
1886  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (76,'French Polynesia','PF','PYF','1');
1887  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (77,'French Southern Territories','TF','ATF','1');
1888  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (78,'Gabon','GA','GAB','1');
1889  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (79,'Gambia','GM','GMB','1');
1890  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (80,'Georgia','GE','GEO','1');
1891  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (81,'Germany','DE','DEU','5');
1892  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (82,'Ghana','GH','GHA','1');
1893  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (83,'Gibraltar','GI','GIB','1');
1894  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (84,'Greece','GR','GRC','1');
1895  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (85,'Greenland','GL','GRL','1');
1896  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (86,'Grenada','GD','GRD','1');
1897  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (87,'Guadeloupe','GP','GLP','1');
1898  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (88,'Guam','GU','GUM','1');
1899  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (89,'Guatemala','GT','GTM','1');
1900  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (90,'Guinea','GN','GIN','1');
1901  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (91,'Guinea-bissau','GW','GNB','1');
1902  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (92,'Guyana','GY','GUY','1');
1903  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (93,'Haiti','HT','HTI','1');
1904  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (94,'Heard and Mc Donald Islands','HM','HMD','1');
1905  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (95,'Honduras','HN','HND','1');
1906  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (96,'Hong Kong','HK','HKG','1');
1907  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (97,'Hungary','HU','HUN','1');
1908  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (98,'Iceland','IS','ISL','1');
1909  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (99,'India','IN','IND','1');
1910  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (100,'Indonesia','ID','IDN','1');
1911  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (101,'Iran (Islamic Republic of)','IR','IRN','1');
1912  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (102,'Iraq','IQ','IRQ','1');
1913  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (103,'Ireland','IE','IRL','1');
1914  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (104,'Israel','IL','ISR','1');
1915  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (105,'Italy','IT','ITA','1');
1916  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (106,'Jamaica','JM','JAM','1');
1917  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (107,'Japan','JP','JPN','1');
1918  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (108,'Jordan','JO','JOR','1');
1919  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (109,'Kazakhstan','KZ','KAZ','1');
1920  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (110,'Kenya','KE','KEN','1');
1921  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (111,'Kiribati','KI','KIR','1');
1922  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (112,'Korea, Democratic People\'s Republic of','KP','PRK','1');
1923  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (113,'Korea, Republic of','KR','KOR','1');
1924  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (114,'Kuwait','KW','KWT','1');
1925  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (115,'Kyrgyzstan','KG','KGZ','1');
1926  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (116,'Lao People\'s Democratic Republic','LA','LAO','1');
1927  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (117,'Latvia','LV','LVA','1');
1928  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (118,'Lebanon','LB','LBN','1');
1929  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (119,'Lesotho','LS','LSO','1');
1930  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (120,'Liberia','LR','LBR','1');
1931  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (121,'Libyan Arab Jamahiriya','LY','LBY','1');
1932  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (122,'Liechtenstein','LI','LIE','1');
1933  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (123,'Lithuania','LT','LTU','1');
1934  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (124,'Luxembourg','LU','LUX','1');
1935  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (125,'Macau','MO','MAC','1');
1936  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (126,'Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of','MK','MKD','1');
1937  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (127,'Madagascar','MG','MDG','1');
1938  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (128,'Malawi','MW','MWI','1');
1939  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (129,'Malaysia','MY','MYS','1');
1940  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (130,'Maldives','MV','MDV','1');
1941  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (131,'Mali','ML','MLI','1');
1942  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (132,'Malta','MT','MLT','1');
1943  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (133,'Marshall Islands','MH','MHL','1');
1944  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (134,'Martinique','MQ','MTQ','1');
1945  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (135,'Mauritania','MR','MRT','1');
1946  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (136,'Mauritius','MU','MUS','1');
1947  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (137,'Mayotte','YT','MYT','1');
1948  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (138,'Mexico','MX','MEX','1');
1949  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (139,'Micronesia, Federated States of','FM','FSM','1');
1950  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (140,'Moldova, Republic of','MD','MDA','1');
1951  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (141,'Monaco','MC','MCO','1');
1952  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (142,'Mongolia','MN','MNG','1');
1953  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (143,'Montserrat','MS','MSR','1');
1954  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (144,'Morocco','MA','MAR','1');
1955  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (145,'Mozambique','MZ','MOZ','1');
1956  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (146,'Myanmar','MM','MMR','1');
1957  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (147,'Namibia','NA','NAM','1');
1958  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (148,'Nauru','NR','NRU','1');
1959  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (149,'Nepal','NP','NPL','1');
1960  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (150,'Netherlands','NL','NLD','1');
1961  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (151,'Netherlands Antilles','AN','ANT','1');
1962  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (152,'New Caledonia','NC','NCL','1');
1963  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (153,'New Zealand','NZ','NZL','1');
1964  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (154,'Nicaragua','NI','NIC','1');
1965  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (155,'Niger','NE','NER','1');
1966  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (156,'Nigeria','NG','NGA','1');
1967  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (157,'Niue','NU','NIU','1');
1968  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (158,'Norfolk Island','NF','NFK','1');
1969  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (159,'Northern Mariana Islands','MP','MNP','1');
1970  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (160,'Norway','NO','NOR','1');
1971  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (161,'Oman','OM','OMN','1');
1972  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (162,'Pakistan','PK','PAK','1');
1973  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (163,'Palau','PW','PLW','1');
1974  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (164,'Panama','PA','PAN','1');
1975  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (165,'Papua New Guinea','PG','PNG','1');
1976  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (166,'Paraguay','PY','PRY','1');
1977  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (167,'Peru','PE','PER','1');
1978  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (168,'Philippines','PH','PHL','1');
1979  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (169,'Pitcairn','PN','PCN','1');
1980  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (170,'Poland','PL','POL','1');
1981  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (171,'Portugal','PT','PRT','1');
1982  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (172,'Puerto Rico','PR','PRI','1');
1983  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (173,'Qatar','QA','QAT','1');
1984  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (174,'Reunion','RE','REU','1');
1985  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (175,'Romania','RO','ROM','1');
1986  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (176,'Russian Federation','RU','RUS','1');
1987  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (177,'Rwanda','RW','RWA','1');
1988  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (178,'Saint Kitts and Nevis','KN','KNA','1');
1989  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (179,'Saint Lucia','LC','LCA','1');
1990  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (180,'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines','VC','VCT','1');
1991  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (181,'Samoa','WS','WSM','1');
1992  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (182,'San Marino','SM','SMR','1');
1993  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (183,'Sao Tome and Principe','ST','STP','1');
1994  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (184,'Saudi Arabia','SA','SAU','1');
1995  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (185,'Senegal','SN','SEN','1');
1996  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (186,'Seychelles','SC','SYC','1');
1997  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (187,'Sierra Leone','SL','SLE','1');
1998  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (188,'Singapore','SG','SGP','4');
1999  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (189,'Slovakia (Slovak Republic)','SK','SVK','1');
2000  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (190,'Slovenia','SI','SVN','1');
2001  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (191,'Solomon Islands','SB','SLB','1');
2002  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (192,'Somalia','SO','SOM','1');
2003  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (193,'South Africa','ZA','ZAF','1');
2004  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (194,'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands','GS','SGS','1');
2005  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (195,'Spain','ES','ESP','3');
2006  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (196,'Sri Lanka','LK','LKA','1');
2007  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (197,'St. Helena','SH','SHN','1');
2008  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (198,'St. Pierre and Miquelon','PM','SPM','1');
2009  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (199,'Sudan','SD','SDN','1');
2010  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (200,'Suriname','SR','SUR','1');
2011  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (201,'Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands','SJ','SJM','1');
2012  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (202,'Swaziland','SZ','SWZ','1');
2013  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (203,'Sweden','SE','SWE','1');
2014  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (204,'Switzerland','CH','CHE','1');
2015  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (205,'Syrian Arab Republic','SY','SYR','1');
2016  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (206,'Taiwan','TW','TWN','1');
2017  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (207,'Tajikistan','TJ','TJK','1');
2018  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (208,'Tanzania, United Republic of','TZ','TZA','1');
2019  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (209,'Thailand','TH','THA','1');
2020  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (210,'Togo','TG','TGO','1');
2021  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (211,'Tokelau','TK','TKL','1');
2022  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (212,'Tonga','TO','TON','1');
2023  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (213,'Trinidad and Tobago','TT','TTO','1');
2024  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (214,'Tunisia','TN','TUN','1');
2025  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (215,'Turkey','TR','TUR','1');
2026  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (216,'Turkmenistan','TM','TKM','1');
2027  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (217,'Turks and Caicos Islands','TC','TCA','1');
2028  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (218,'Tuvalu','TV','TUV','1');
2029  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (219,'Uganda','UG','UGA','1');
2030  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (220,'Ukraine','UA','UKR','1');
2031  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (221,'United Arab Emirates','AE','ARE','1');
2032  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (222,'United Kingdom','GB','GBR','1');
2033  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (223,'United States','US','USA','2');
2034  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (224,'United States Minor Outlying Islands','UM','UMI','1');
2035  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (225,'Uruguay','UY','URY','1');
2036  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (226,'Uzbekistan','UZ','UZB','1');
2037  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (227,'Vanuatu','VU','VUT','1');
2038  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (228,'Vatican City State (Holy See)','VA','VAT','1');
2039  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (229,'Venezuela','VE','VEN','1');
2040  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (230,'Viet Nam','VN','VNM','1');
2041  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (231,'Virgin Islands (British)','VG','VGB','1');
2042  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (232,'Virgin Islands (U.S.)','VI','VIR','1');
2043  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (233,'Wallis and Futuna Islands','WF','WLF','1');
2044  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (234,'Western Sahara','EH','ESH','1');
2045  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (235,'Yemen','YE','YEM','1');
2046  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (236,'Yugoslavia','YU','YUG','1');
2047  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (237,'Zaire','ZR','ZAR','1');
2048  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (238,'Zambia','ZM','ZMB','1');
2049  INSERT INTO countries VALUES (239,'Zimbabwe','ZW','ZWE','1');
2051  INSERT INTO currencies VALUES (1,'US Dollar','USD','$','','.',',','2','1.0000',now());
2052  INSERT INTO currencies VALUES (2,'Euro','EUR','','EUR','.',',','2','1.1036',now());
2054  INSERT INTO customers_groups VALUES (0,'Retail','1','0','','');
2055  INSERT INTO customers_groups VALUES (1,'Wholesale','0','0','','');
2057  INSERT INTO languages VALUES (1,'English','en','icon.gif','english',1);
2058  INSERT INTO languages VALUES (2,'Deutsch','de','icon.gif','german',2);
2059  INSERT INTO languages VALUES (3,'Español','es','icon.gif','espanol',3);
2061  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (1,1,'Pending',1,0);
2062  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (1,2,'Offen',1,0);
2063  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (1,3,'Pendiente',1,0);
2064  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (2,1,'Processing',1,1);
2065  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (2,2,'In Bearbeitung',1,1);
2066  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (2,3,'Proceso',1,1);
2067  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (3,1,'Delivered',1,1);
2068  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (3,2,'Versendet',1,1);
2069  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (3,3,'Entregado',1,1);
2070  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100000,1,'Updated',1,0);
2071  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100000,2,'Updated',1,0);
2072  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100000,3,'Updated',1,0);
2073  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100001,1,'Preparing [PayPal IPN]',1,0);
2074  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100001,2,'Preparing [PayPal IPN]',1,0);
2075  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100001,3,'Preparing [PayPal IPN]',1,0);
2076  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100002,1,'Preparing [PayPal Standard]',0,0);
2077  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100002,2,'Preparing [PayPal Standard]',0,0);
2078  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100002,3,'Preparing [PayPal Standard]',0,0);
2079  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100003,1,'Sofortüberweisung Vorbereitung',0,0);
2080  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100003,2,'Sofortüberweisung Vorbereitung',0,0);
2081  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100003,3,'Sofortüberweisung Vorbereitung',0,0);
2082  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100,1,'Google New',1,0);
2083  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100,2,'Google New',1,0);
2084  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (100,3,'Google New',1,0);
2085  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (101,1,'Google Processing',1,0);
2086  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (101,2,'Google Processing',1,0);
2087  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (101,3,'Google Processing',1,0);
2088  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (102,1,'Google Shipped',1,0);
2089  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (102,2,'Google Shipped',1,0);
2090  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (102,3,'Google Shipped',1,0);
2091  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (103,1,'Google Refunded',1,0);
2092  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (103,2,'Google Refunded',1,0);
2093  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (103,3,'Google Refunded',1,0);
2094  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (104,1,'Google Shipped and Refunded',1,0);
2095  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (104,2,'Google Shipped and Refunded',1,0);
2096  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (104,3,'Google Shipped and Refunded',1,0);
2097  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (105,1,'Google Canceled',1,0);
2098  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (105,2,'Google Canceled',1,0);
2099  INSERT INTO orders_status VALUES (105,3,'Google Canceled',1,0);
2101  INSERT INTO products_attributes_download  VALUES (11, 'Dhtml-coolmenu.zip',7,10);
2103  INSERT INTO products_options VALUES (1,1, 'Version', '0', '0', '32',NULL);
2104  INSERT INTO products_options VALUES (1,2, 'Version', '0', '0', '32',NULL);
2105  INSERT INTO products_options VALUES (1,3, 'Version', '0', '0', '32',NULL);
2107  INSERT INTO products_options_values VALUES (1, 1, 'Download: Windows - English');
2108  INSERT INTO products_options_values VALUES (1, 2, 'Download: Windows - Englisch');
2109  INSERT INTO products_options_values VALUES (1, 3, 'Download: Windows - Inglese');
2111  INSERT INTO products_options_values_to_products_options VALUES (14,1,1);
2113  INSERT INTO tax_class VALUES (1,'Taxable Goods','The following types of products are included non-food,services,etc',now(),now());
2114  INSERT INTO tax_class VALUES (2,'Taxable Item','Any taxable item',now(),now());
2115  INSERT INTO tax_class VALUES (3,'Non Taxable','Non Taxable Goods',now(),now());
2117  # USA/Florida
2118  INSERT INTO tax_rates VALUES (1,1,1,1,7.0,'FL TAX 7.0%',now(),now());
2119  INSERT INTO geo_zones (geo_zone_id,geo_zone_name,geo_zone_description,date_added) VALUES (1,"Florida","Florida local sales tax zone",now());
2120  INSERT INTO zones_to_geo_zones (association_id,zone_country_id,zone_id,geo_zone_id,date_added) VALUES (1,223,18,1,now());
2122  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (1,'best sellers','BOX_HEADING_BEST_SELLERS','yes','Display Best Sellers box?','1','left','12','1',NULL,now(),'');
2123  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (3,'currencies','BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES_CURRENCIES','yes','Display Currencies box?','1','right','8','3',NULL,now(),'');
2124  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (5,'information','BOX_HEADING_INFORMATION','yes','Display Information box?','1','left','7','5',NULL,now(),'');
2125  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (6,'languages','BOX_HEADING_LANGUAGES','yes','Display Languages box?','1','right','7','6',NULL,now(),'');
2126  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (7,'manufacturer info','BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURER_INFO','yes','Display Manufacturer Info box?','1','right','9','7',NULL,now(),'');
2127  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (8,'manufacturers','BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURERS','yes','Display Manufacturers box?','1','left','6','8',NULL,now(),'Manufactures');
2128  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (9,'order history','BOX_HEADING_ORDER_HISTORY','yes','Display Order History box?','1','right','4','9',NULL,now(),'');
2129  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (10,'product notifications','BOX_HEADING_PRODUCT_NOTIFICATIONS','yes','Display Product Notifications box?','1','right','9','10',NULL,now(),'');
2130  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (11,'reviews','BOX_HEADING_REVIEWS','yes','Display Reviews box?','1','right','6','11',NULL,now(),'');
2131  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (12,'search','BOX_HEADING_SEARCH','yes','Display Search box?','1','left','5','12',NULL,now(),'Quick Find');
2132  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (13,'shopping cart','BOX_HEADING_SHOPPING_CART','yes','Display Shopping Cart box?','1','right','1','13',NULL,now(),'');
2133  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (14,'specials','BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS','yes','Display Specials box?','1','right','5','14',NULL,now(),'Specials');
2134  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (15,'tell a friend','BOX_HEADING_TELL_A_FRIEND','yes','Display Tell a Friend box?','1','right','4','15',NULL,now(),'');
2135  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (16,'what\'s new','BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW','yes','Display What\'s New? box?','1','left','4','16',NULL,now(),'What\'s New');
2136  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (26,'articles','BOX_HEADING_ARTICLES','yes','','1','right','10',NULL,NULL,now(),'Articles');
2137  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (25,'loginbox','BOX_HEADING_LOGIN_BOX','yes','','1','right','2',NULL,NULL,now(),'Sign In');
2138  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (28,'affiliate','BOX_HEADING_AFFILIATE','yes','','1','left','3',NULL,NULL,now(),'Affiliates');
2139  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (2,'categories','BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES','yes','','1','left','1',NULL,NULL,now(),'Categories');
2140  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (22,'wishlist','BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMER_WISHLIST','yes','','1','right','3',NULL,NULL,now(),'My Wish List');
2141  INSERT INTO theme_configuration VALUES (29,'Authors','BOX_HEADING_AUTHORS','yes','','1','right','11',NULL,NULL,now(),'Authors');
2143  # USA
2144  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (1,223,'AL','Alabama');
2145  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (2,223,'AK','Alaska');
2146  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (3,223,'AS','American Samoa');
2147  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (4,223,'AZ','Arizona');
2148  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (5,223,'AR','Arkansas');
2149  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (6,223,'AF','Armed Forces Africa');
2150  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (7,223,'AA','Armed Forces Americas');
2151  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (8,223,'AC','Armed Forces Canada');
2152  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (9,223,'AE','Armed Forces Europe');
2153  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (10,223,'AM','Armed Forces Middle East');
2154  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (11,223,'AP','Armed Forces Pacific');
2155  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (12,223,'CA','California');
2156  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (13,223,'CO','Colorado');
2157  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (14,223,'CT','Connecticut');
2158  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (15,223,'DE','Delaware');
2159  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (16,223,'DC','District of Columbia');
2160  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (17,223,'FM','Federated States Of Micronesia');
2161  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (18,223,'FL','Florida');
2162  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (19,223,'GA','Georgia');
2163  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (20,223,'GU','Guam');
2164  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (21,223,'HI','Hawaii');
2165  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (22,223,'ID','Idaho');
2166  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (23,223,'IL','Illinois');
2167  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (24,223,'IN','Indiana');
2168  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (25,223,'IA','Iowa');
2169  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (26,223,'KS','Kansas');
2170  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (27,223,'KY','Kentucky');
2171  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (28,223,'LA','Louisiana');
2172  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (29,223,'ME','Maine');
2173  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (30,223,'MH','Marshall Islands');
2174  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (31,223,'MD','Maryland');
2175  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (32,223,'MA','Massachusetts');
2176  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (33,223,'MI','Michigan');
2177  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (34,223,'MN','Minnesota');
2178  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (35,223,'MS','Mississippi');
2179  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (36,223,'MO','Missouri');
2180  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (37,223,'MT','Montana');
2181  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (38,223,'NE','Nebraska');
2182  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (39,223,'NV','Nevada');
2183  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (40,223,'NH','New Hampshire');
2184  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (41,223,'NJ','New Jersey');
2185  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (42,223,'NM','New Mexico');
2186  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (43,223,'NY','New York');
2187  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (44,223,'NC','North Carolina');
2188  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (45,223,'ND','North Dakota');
2189  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (46,223,'MP','Northern Mariana Islands');
2190  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (47,223,'OH','Ohio');
2191  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (48,223,'OK','Oklahoma');
2192  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (49,223,'OR','Oregon');
2193  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (50,223,'PW','Palau');
2194  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (51,223,'PA','Pennsylvania');
2195  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (52,223,'PR','Puerto Rico');
2196  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (53,223,'RI','Rhode Island');
2197  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (54,223,'SC','South Carolina');
2198  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (55,223,'SD','South Dakota');
2199  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (56,223,'TN','Tennessee');
2200  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (57,223,'TX','Texas');
2201  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (58,223,'UT','Utah');
2202  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (59,223,'VT','Vermont');
2203  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (60,223,'VI','Virgin Islands');
2204  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (61,223,'VA','Virginia');
2205  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (62,223,'WA','Washington');
2206  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (63,223,'WV','West Virginia');
2207  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (64,223,'WI','Wisconsin');
2208  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (65,223,'WY','Wyoming');
2210  # Canada
2211  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (66,38,'AB','Alberta');
2212  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (67,38,'BC','British Columbia');
2213  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (68,38,'MB','Manitoba');
2214  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (69,38,'NF','Newfoundland');
2215  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (70,38,'NB','New Brunswick');
2216  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (71,38,'NS','Nova Scotia');
2217  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (72,38,'NT','Northwest Territories');
2218  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (73,38,'NU','Nunavut');
2219  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (74,38,'ON','Ontario');
2220  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (75,38,'PE','Prince Edward Island');
2221  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (76,38,'QC','Quebec');
2222  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (77,38,'SK','Saskatchewan');
2223  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (78,38,'YT','Yukon Territory');
2225  # Germany
2226  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (79,81,'NDS','Niedersachsen');
2227  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (80,81,'BAW','Baden-Württemberg');
2228  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (81,81,'BAY','Bayern');
2229  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (82,81,'BER','Berlin');
2230  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (83,81,'BRG','Brandenburg');
2231  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (84,81,'BRE','Bremen');
2232  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (85,81,'HAM','Hamburg');
2233  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (86,81,'HES','Hessen');
2234  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (87,81,'MEC','Mecklenburg-Vorpommern');
2235  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (88,81,'NRW','Nordrhein-Westfalen');
2236  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (89,81,'RHE','Rheinland-Pfalz');
2237  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (90,81,'SAR','Saarland');
2238  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (91,81,'SAS','Sachsen');
2239  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (92,81,'SAC','Sachsen-Anhalt');
2240  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (93,81,'SCN','Schleswig-Holstein');
2241  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (94,81,'THE','Thüringen');
2243  # Austria
2244  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (95,14,'WI','Wien');
2245  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (96,14,'NO','Niederösterreich');
2246  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (97,14,'OO','Oberösterreich');
2247  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (98,14,'SB','Salzburg');
2248  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (99,14,'KN','Kärnten');
2249  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (100,14,'ST','Steiermark');
2250  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (101,14,'TI','Tirol');
2251  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (102,14,'BL','Burgenland');
2252  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (103,14,'VB','Voralberg');
2254  # Swizterland
2255  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (104,204,'AG','Aargau');
2256  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (105,204,'AI','Appenzell Innerrhoden');
2257  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (106,204,'AR','Appenzell Ausserrhoden');
2258  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (107,204,'BE','Bern');
2259  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (108,204,'BL','Basel-Landschaft');
2260  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (109,204,'BS','Basel-Stadt');
2261  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (110,204,'FR','Freiburg');
2262  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (111,204,'GE','Genf');
2263  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (112,204,'GL','Glarus');
2264  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (113,204,'JU','Graubünden');
2265  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (114,204,'JU','Jura');
2266  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (115,204,'LU','Luzern');
2267  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (116,204,'NE','Neuenburg');
2268  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (117,204,'NW','Nidwalden');
2269  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (118,204,'OW','Obwalden');
2270  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (119,204,'SG','St. Gallen');
2271  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (120,204,'SH','Schaffhausen');
2272  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (121,204,'SO','Solothurn');
2273  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (122,204,'SZ','Schwyz');
2274  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (123,204,'TG','Thurgau');
2275  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (124,204,'TI','Tessin');
2276  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (125,204,'UR','Uri');
2277  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (126,204,'VD','Waadt');
2278  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (127,204,'VS','Wallis');
2279  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (128,204,'ZG','Zug');
2280  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (129,204,'ZH','Zürich');
2282  # Spain
2283  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (130,195,'A Coruña','A Coruña');
2284  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (131,195,'Alava','Alava');
2285  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (132,195,'Albacete','Albacete');
2286  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (133,195,'Alicante','Alicante');
2287  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (134,195,'Almeria','Almeria');
2288  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (135,195,'Asturias','Asturias');
2289  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (136,195,'Avila','Avila');
2290  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (137,195,'Badajoz','Badajoz');
2291  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (138,195,'Baleares','Baleares');
2292  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (139,195,'Barcelona','Barcelona');
2293  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (140,195,'Burgos','Burgos');
2294  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (141,195,'Caceres','Caceres');
2295  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (142,195,'Cadiz','Cadiz');
2296  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (143,195,'Cantabria','Cantabria');
2297  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (144,195,'Castellon','Castellon');
2298  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (145,195,'Ceuta','Ceuta');
2299  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (146,195,'Ciudad Real','Ciudad Real');
2300  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (147,195,'Cordoba','Cordoba');
2301  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (148,195,'Cuenca','Cuenca');
2302  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (149,195,'Girona','Girona');
2303  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (150,195,'Granada','Granada');
2304  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (151,195,'Guadalajara','Guadalajara');
2305  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (152,195,'Guipuzcoa','Guipuzcoa');
2306  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (153,195,'Huelva','Huelva');
2307  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (154,195,'Huesca','Huesca');
2308  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (155,195,'Jaen','Jaen');
2309  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (156,195,'La Rioja','La Rioja');
2310  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (157,195,'Las Palmas','Las Palmas');
2311  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (158,195,'Leon','Leon');
2312  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (159,195,'Lleida','Lleida');
2313  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (160,195,'Lugo','Lugo');
2314  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (161,195,'Madrid','Madrid');
2315  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (162,195,'Malaga','Malaga');
2316  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (163,195,'Melilla','Melilla');
2317  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (164,195,'Murcia','Murcia');
2318  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (165,195,'Navarra','Navarra');
2319  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (166,195,'Ourense','Ourense');
2320  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (167,195,'Palencia','Palencia');
2321  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (168,195,'Pontevedra','Pontevedra');
2322  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (169,195,'Salamanca','Salamanca');
2323  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (170,195,'Santa Cruz de Tenerife','Santa Cruz de Tenerife');
2324  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (171,195,'Segovia','Segovia');
2325  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (172,195,'Sevilla','Sevilla');
2326  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (173,195,'Soria','Soria');
2327  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (174,195,'Tarragona','Tarragona');
2328  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (175,195,'Teruel','Teruel');
2329  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (176,195,'Toledo','Toledo');
2330  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (177,195,'Valencia','Valencia');
2331  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (178,195,'Valladolid','Valladolid');
2332  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (179,195,'Vizcaya','Vizcaya');
2333  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (180,195,'Zamora','Zamora');
2334  INSERT INTO zones VALUES (181,195,'Zaragoza','Zaragoza');

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